A week fever

Since this is the first time since I can remember I’m having fever for about a week, I’m going to write to recap what happen within this week that my health rate fluctuate like Osiloskop Sinar Katod. take that physic for the win.

Play this song yeah

Day of fallen: Thursday 28 Jan

So last last thursday my health rate starts to fall. I have a deadline on the next friday. I was at MMU since the day before I had a meeting with a prospect, so I decided to sleep over at junior’s room. And yeah that morning, I woke up pretty late because iPad was announced last night. That day I planned to have a tea with Iwani at Papparich Cyberjaya since the day before she was at Putrajaya. Yeah since we’ve been active in forum sifoo and she is my senior and she kept supporting all Flavert work so i thought how about for a tea. But at that morning, I went to Maybank Cyberjaya to submit the finished cheque books to apply for a new one. And on the way to Maybank I was thinking to park at Petronas and walk all the way to Maybank and then work at Pappa Rich but figured out that later I’m gonna have a tea with Iwani so what a waste to come back and fetch her and come again LOL. So I drove to Street Mall Cyberjaya to work at Mumbo Jumbo, because Mumbo Jumbo has a plug, and I knew it had a plug and comfy cushion because the day before, I bumped into my facilitator and was advising her for website ( since she’s asking for it ). But then, it was occupied, both the plug and comfy cushion and my MBP’s battery already failing. Only survive for 10 minutes before it sleeps. Realizing I didn’t have a choice, I went to Pappa Rich Cyberjaya.

I sat outside, at 4 seat table, ordered a Chicken Porridge and the coffee.

As hot as the sun, rains come down at that noon, in my heart. ( translate direct nak mampos = ku sangka panas hingga ke petang, rupanya hujan ditengah hari )

After about sitting for 30 minutes at PappaRich, it was lunchtime. Most of cyberjaya staffs come invading Papparich and most of eyes, eyeing at me, where I sat at 4 seater because no other space available. Felt irritated, I left and heading to MMU. It was around 130PM. It has been 2 hours and I’ve not start even a single work.


So I head to MMU, it was time for Zohor prayer. I park Anubis the car at Faculty of IT and saw Syazaliyana having lunch. I’m so pissed with my self that I don’t give her a smile but instead, covered up my face with my hand, like the person convicted guilty at courtroom.

After praying, I felt so terrible that I just do that to Syazaliyana. Lucky in Lambtweetup I’ve explained to her I was stressed with myself.

So then I work at MMU Library, facing the actionscript. Sitting ducks there from 1.40PM – 6.30PM. Oh Iwani cancelled the tea time coz of her commitment. it’s okay for me coz I’m also finishing the work.

And then since I’ve decided to stay up, bought some Mamee, and junk food as Rocky stick. But that night, I sip a mango juice from the juniors. It was as sharp as hell, the taste. Felt that stuck at my throat. So sharp that I need to bought strepsils to clear the throat. And that moment I knew, I’m going to get sick.

Friday 29 Jan – Morning starts early since I decided to catch on work. Planned to work at McDonalds Puchong Gateway. But then I realize that I can’t U-Turn at Seri Kembangan Plaza Toll (LDP) So I decided to take the next exit, a U-turn ( Putra Perdana ) but I just drove to Bandar Puteri, since figure out I better work at IOI Mall. But then I took a wrong road, so I u-turn-ed again at Puchong.. near Tractors Malaysia junction. It did piss me off. Another one hour wasted on the road. So when I arrive at IOI mall, another time-bomb-waster, the mall only opened at 10.00 and the starbucks will only be opened at 930. I walk pretty far because I park behind IOI (back entrance) Lucky Old Town opened up already so mobile-officed there. Doing work up until 1230 then went to Daiso since I’ve started having flu. And as I’m gonna meet Nazroll that evening, I better have some protection and courtesy not to infect others.

After buying cute and macho facemask from Daiso, I’d drove to Equine Park to listen to friday sermon by Ustaz Hasrizal. This time, the second time I’ve attended his Khutbah, i didn’t fall asleep yeay!. Last 4 years I attended his sermon, in a small room with members of Usrah Institution of MMU, and know what, I’ve fall asleep that he make fun of me but it’s not bad. He was telling that I maybe stay up praying and then end up sleeping all the time in his talk. No there’s no grudge between me and him but I tried to not to sleep for any religion talks. So yeah, I’ve went to Equine Park to listen to his sermon.

Then, time to meet Nazroll for a progress submission. Didn’t reach the milestones. And he was considerate enough with my state.

Then, I’m off to home but it gets freaking jam everywhere. I’m using NKVE and I stuck for a good 2 hours, including rest for 30 minutes at Kelana Jaya R &R. But that didn’t help much. Since if I go home, I’ll be wasting my night, decided to work at Coffee Bean, by claiming all my Bean Points. Work went far that night. Going back at home, ate 2 panadol actifast, and when I opened up my eyes, it was 5 in the morning. And felt much much much better.

I think i know what screwing me up.

The wasted time and failed plan that fucks me up.

Today, it was a week after that event, and I still felt something wrong with my body. Felt 10-20% feverish but I’m already up and running and driving here and there and what not. But from my voice, you’ll know something went wrong. Despite that, previous week was a hell out of a good week. Attended Facebook Launch of Khairul, Suhaila & Hazlina, law firm (Khairul a.k.a @kruel74), Lambtweetup, attended a meeting with a prospect that I could say 60% potential of secured deal hopefully, and that’s where I got temperature-scanned by the guards and it was buzzing, but he still allow me to enter, and then attended Young Muslims Project talks even it’s kinda far, and submission for a project, which already received a paycheck, and yeah just now attending Google Tech User Group Meetup #0 and #sembanglebat and meeting 2 weddingkami clients that I think 45% potential of secured deal. yeah it’s a pretty lively week last week, where offer of projects coming in, and some of that has been turned down.

Since I was a kid, I’m the type of can’t sit down even when my health going wrong.

‘Since I was a kid?’ hell I’m still a kid. Maybe that’s what I’m start to missing, the inner kid, as what my mom mentioned. It’s either I’m overstressed with work or that I’m just simply growing old that my body didn’t start to keep up. And the week week before that I already start jogging.

sigh. I’m taking 2 panadol tonight so I hope I could sleep without any dream, where I could debug all the bugs in the body. Since daniel cerventus insisted a vid clip for this post. here you go

Actually I wanna put Blink 182 – What’s my age again? but it’s kinda improper. Curious, google up dude. But be warned that’s improper mtv.

So I put that one lah. Blink 182 – Adam’s Song

Yeah I was listening to, if I’m not mistaken, Daphne Iking interview over BFM. She have prepared all things in the event when she died. I didn’t. But I do always think of it.

Yeah night everybody. This is an emo post. thanks for reading till this line.

P/S: To every name mentioned in this post, no I didn’t have any grudge to you, seriously. So be merry and happy yah 😀

P P/S: This monday I’m gonna see a doctor, see what’s problem, if I still didn’t felt okay.

P P P/S: Thanks to everybody who wish me a speedy recovery 😀

Feb 2010

7 Responses to : A week fever

  1. marinamusfirah says:

    i’ve been reading line by line just to search for that one word and finally… glad to see that at last there’s a ‘doctor’ mentioned!!!!

    “Oh Allah remove the hardship, Oh Lord of mankind, grant cure for You are the Healer. There is no cure but from You, a cure which leaves no illness behind.”

    semoga sembuh cepat cepat n teda sakit sakit dah pehni!!

    “and when I am ill, it is He who cures me” (26:80)

  2. kruel74 says:

    Get well soon bro! Working for yourself you have to be healthy for your own sake…and always remember, work never finish but it can finish u…

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    thanks marina n kruel74 :)

  4. chapan says:

    mesti time sesat2 tu berbakul2 makian keluar.. (kalau aku la.. selalu gak jadi camtu :p)

    semoga kekal sihat hahah (dan bertambah sihat)

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    chapan – takde sesat cuma tak plan bebetul tu hangin satu badan agaga

  6. Syazwan says:

    Lama tak dengar khabar ko, tetiba bila bukak blog ko demam plak dia :(

    Cepat2 sembuh Tekong. Go make that weddingkami 45% secured deal jadi 100%. Kalo client tu tak sure gak mintak dia dapatkan recommendation dari aku 😛

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    syazwan – thx beb 😀

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