Meet Megaton, German Deli Imbiss

Do you fancy Whopper, Carl’s Jr or at least Big Mac / Quarter Pounder?

This burger rule them all.

Meet Megaton from German Deli iMBiss, Petronas Ampang Jaya/behind Ampang Puteri Specialist Center. It’s 500gm burger! 500gm is the weight before it being cooked.

German Deli iMBiss Megaton

That’s freaking big!

To ensure you about the size, this is the comparison with Syed huzaifah’s Nokia Xpress Music

German Deli Megaton size comparison

The burger although look burnt, but it was tasty for me. It was thick and big and i can’t finish the burger because it was freaaaaking big.

I was there to do some work. Then, since I twitted and twitpictured it, Zati intimidated and before I going back from this mobile office, she drop by for her supper and have an Italian Job.

Italian Job - German Deli iMBiss

Upon googling, they specialty actually on the hotdogs, since the founder, Mohd Nazrin Ludwig Gaisbauer from Germany said hot dogs here aren’t match to his taste. So he decided to open up a factory and, this Deli/Restaurant are the franchise. There’s one in Ara Damansara and this is the branch in Ampang. They have WiFi here and there’s 2 plugs inside.

For more picture, visit my friend’s food review on German Deli Imbiss. More picture there. Thanks to him actually that i’ve decided to go to this delicatessen. And this is The Star review on German Deli Imbiss.

Okay one picture from my friend’s blog to tempt you guys :p

I think this will be next place for gathering, although it closed at 10PM, but the courtyard area still open until late. Click here for the location of German Deli iMBiss on Officekami Google Maps.

Ampang now has two famous burger, one is Om Sloppy Burger in front 7-Eleven near SPCA, and another, is this one. Woohooo!

Jan 2010

8 Responses to : Meet Megaton, German Deli Imbiss

  1. asx says:

    sumpah nampak sedap!!

  2. kruel74 says:

    Wow! Nak kena try nih!

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    asx- kalo dah makan sumpah tak sedap jgn salahkan aku :p

    kruel74 – paling dekat ngan bro = ara damansara

  4. MK says:

    Bekalan aku seminggu tu.

  5. oDiN says:

    jom tweet up kt cni

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    MK – woh seminggu o_O

    odin – jom. aku sokong. next tweetup tengok.

  7. enna says:

    dah 2 ari window shop kat sini, mesti try nih. Sumer beger lam mesia ni dah try, yang ni jer blum.

  8. ikhwan nazri says:

    enna – dah try bitau yeah! 😀

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