Bye 2009, Hello 2010

To end my 2009, I will compile things, as usual.

First with 2009 resolution. The comments is after // . Let’s see how many achieved/completed

  1. Getting Prue, PlayStation 3. //fail
  2. Expanding Flavert Media Lab by infrastucture and manpower to meet the increasing demand //added 1 Art Director, Faiz/Paie gurun, fulltimers
  3. Install NGV for Anubis //fail, petrol price going down
  4. Give Jehuty to Faidhi, and I’ll got a new Valkyrie. //fail. gave Jehuty but i didn’t have a new Orbital Frame, motorcycle type.
  5. Need to have a credit card & paypal.//now I got a debit card yeay!
  6. Need to track money spend. // kinda success 😀 and now I have a wealth advisor thingy and bought insurance only for me
  7. Need to open Tabung Haji account // fail
  8. Getting a wireless broadband, or Unlimited 3G // fail
  9. ( okay the list just now seems like a wish list o_O )
  10. Be more active in community. Like a BarCamp. and active again in IIS. // participated in two barcamp. hoyeh. And attended Enrichment class more frequently
  11. And lastly of course, gotten better in spending more time with family, now have to triple that, to be a better man. //perhaps so, by bringing little sis to where she wants to go, and treat her movies she like.

So behold, 2010 resolution

  1. Getting Prue, Playstation 3 & iPhone, 4G preferably. Oh yes Unlimited 3G too!
  2. Open Tabung Haji account
  3. Become a better Coffee Hunter or take Baristas courses.
  4. Push Weddingkami & Officekami to the next level
  5. Cutting my ‘treat’ expenditure by quarter, or half. Need to save more money
  6. Cutting my fuel consumption to only RM200 per month maximum, while still using the same car, Anubis
  7. Allocating at least 2-3 days per week to commuting using LRT. Particularly to unlock more Officekami location plus living a healthy lifestyle.
  8. Keep up the good work in becoming a better man towards those who I love, which is the family and friends and all general people.

2009’s blogpost top commented.. post

  1. Jan = Food Review, Cheng Ho Restaurant, Chinese Islamic Seafood (43)
  2. Feb = Dah Tengok Geng? Apa pendapat anda? (25)
  3. Mar = Mangkuk, sudu, dan kaitan dengan dunia freelancerku (19)
  4. Apr = Wiggy P1wimax Speedtest (14)
  5. May = Snapped some pics (17)
  6. Jun = omodeto (19)
  7. Jul = Software in Bahasa Melayu (49)
  8. Aug = Buka Puasa 5 Arif, SKTK (18)
  9. Sept = We have a tie up for this month. 2 blogpost with 20 comments = Wajarkah WiFI disediakan di Masjid & Resipi Serunding Daging
  10. Oct = Ni yang aku marah ni (15)
  11. Nov = Oh Please-lah (15)
  12. Dec = Tiada lagi istilah Wang Hantaran di Selangor (21)

2009 Achievements/Activities

  1. Presented Mobile-Office at BarCamp KL.
  2. P1 Wimax Wiggy tester
  3. Ended Al-Quran for PSP with Malay translation
  4. Starting new community project=  Officekami
  5. Officekami applauded for best lightning talk at the first Google Technology User Group meeting hehe
  6. Attended TEDxKL and for the first and last time, met the late Arwah Yasmin Ahmad
  7. Exhibited Weddingkami at Malaysian Wedding Expo at Amcorp Mall
  8. Organized a get-together with old primary school classmates, thanks to the picture that I scanned, managed to gathered most of them.
  9. Break-fasting with ASDAF kids – Orphan kids
  10. Iktikaf too during fasting month.
  11. Joined buka puasa gath
  12. 2nd most influential twitter-er in Malaysia. ( this is Effing EPIC wahahahhaha )
  13. Started a new company, Weddingkami.

Okay, eh, it’s 1204 AM, 1 january 2010. Hello 2010 😀

Jan 2010

7 Responses to : Bye 2009, Hello 2010

  1. Nora Ismail says:

    Happy New Year, Ikhwan!

  2. Fahmishah says:

    Semoga tercapai apa yang dihajati. Bila nak tolak kat aku PSP?

  3. fecraze says:

    blogging on new years eve? ooooh, the pain! haha

    what does using the LRT have to do with a healthy lifestyle???

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    nora – he hey hapy new year too! 😀

    fahmishah – bila kau tolak kat aku PS3 :p

    fecraze – I’m a general otaku, sitting for long hours is part of my job description. And then add in to driving, another 30-40minutes. So using LRT will provide me a healthy lifestyle even for an hour.

  5. boris says:

    healthy lifestyle as in bau ketiak bangla n indon n mangkuk2 yg xtau kewujudan deodoran?

    (all together now) SAYA MESTI PILIH!!!

  6. kruel74 says:

    To a great year ahead and congrats on the Twitter achievement!

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    boris – adeh lama tak tengok iklan :p

    kruel74 – thanks bro!. tp tahun depan mesti tak dpt jd juara bertahan :p

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