Like Father, Like Son

Last friday our family went to Jengka 21, to attend a relatives wedding. So during journey, we will usually chat, particularly to keep my father occupied so he won’t bored and fall asleep. And here is how he told someone how to slowdown the speed. ( maybe that driver was stressed but he was driving fast on highway, up till 160km/j at that moment. All the passengers were worried, deep silenced and scared, grabbing the ‘handle’ )

So here’s the conversation


Dad: Hey A, can you see the road distance measurement? ( those 164.3km … 164.4 km at the left side of the road.

A: Can.

Dad: What are the numbers written on it?

A: 166.6KM

Dad: Oh you still can see the numbers. You are not fast enough.

And all the silence washed away, replaced with loud laugh. And A replies

A: Haha, that hurts. Okay okay I’m slowing down.


I think if I good at jokes, it’s because of his genes. And if I crack bad jokes, that’s just me.

Dec 2009

4 Responses to : Like Father, Like Son

  1. Emi says:

    When u said his ‘blood’ cam pelik.. hahah. U meant by ‘darah daging” eyh.. I think his genes would be more appropriate. :p

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    emi – corrected! thanks hehe

  3. Fahmishah says:

    Kenduri aku kat Felda Lakum, tak nombor-nombor macam Jengka. Haha

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