Why you should watch Avatar

  1. It’s not as cheap as Transformers. Take that.
  2. Quite rich story line. I don’t think it can be aired if there’s part being cut. No wonder the duration is frickin 2 hours and a half.
  3. The war scene quite epic. The scores too sends a cold shiver to your spine. But it felt a bit like ‘Enemy at the Gates’ score.
  4. And seeing the tree fallen, quite evil but, oh bombs!
  5. The mechas truly awesome! The robots, and also the visuals/augmented style. coool gila!! Imagine flying a ship and all the controls can be slide to the side. Oh yes, and for medics, how about detaching a electronic transparency. SWEET!
  6. The Na’vi. The pandora are stunningly beautiful. I just want to step on the lush, where it will glow for each steps that I make.
  7. And the Na’vi can assimilate/connect with nature just by using their hair?? Just another sweet feature. It’s the same tech as nanomachine installed in soldiers in Metal Gear Solid. Connect the hair with the animal and control it. Pretty fabulous!
  8. And I want to ride the Toruk!

Enough said. But as a self-proclaimed-technologist, I do love the way of how the future would be. Where genetic engineered being applied, and how the screen-hologram presented. How the ship being controlled with touchscreen minority report style. Yet, I feel the same depth with Na’vi when utilizing the Banshee/Ikran, the horse, and also the Toruk, using their hair. That alone give me a hint of neuro-linked activities. We just said where we wanna go.

I know I don’t live longer to see all those technology. Still, I amaze Eye-ball targeting helmet in Macross.

I’m a self-proclaimed-technologist-wannabe. Shoot me.

//===========update 29/12/2009

I watched Avatar for second time, and came up with below jokes. Apparently Na’vi, even seems like a primitive, they already use human technology related to computer as in

  • Hair connect with Ikran/Horse/tree = USB Plug & Play across multiple platform
  • When Jake control his Ikran/horse using english language = Multiple Language Support
  • Their Eywa/tree whatever = Revision history file storage, Dropbox
  • all Na’vi singing/reciting prayers to transfer Grace/jake souls to their avatar body and their usb-hair connected to the ground = Rendering Farm/shared computing

Again, shoot me :p

Dec 2009
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14 Responses to : Why you should watch Avatar

  1. I was more titillated by the anemone thingy in their “pony-tails” than by them actually having physical sex. If I had one of those anemone thingies, I’d be trying to connect to everything…and EVERYTHING!. Coz I’m a freak 😀

  2. wfxyz says:

    haha too much of a geek.

    when i’m dead my memory would be stored on Eywa and everyone can access it?? hell no! i’m a pervert ;p

  3. @shamhardy says:

    hahahhaha.. i laugh at @lightyoruichi comment… me too bro! LOL!!

  4. MK says:

    Despite all the human technology that they might be applying in their culture, what awes me the most is where did Neytiri learn how to kiss. Hmm.

  5. @thechannelc says:

    LOL. awesome. nice analogy Eywa = dropbox. in many ways the na’vi are more advance than the humans. bio-tech is the way to go.

  6. @thechannelc says:

    @lightyoruchi It’s called making love to the mind. size no longer matters so men can stop thinking with the other ‘brain’.

  7. mrkay says:

    haha. Multi Language Support aka Internationalization (I18n). hahaha.

    masa Na`vi menyanyi/berdoa utk pindahkan roh tu, wife aku boleh plak cakap “dia orang buat dikir barat!” lepas tu ejam pon cakap benda yang sama. haha. aku rasa tak mustahil since artikel pasal bahasa Na`vi tu di cipta berdasarkan beberapa bahasa termasuk bahasa melayu. haha

  8. ikhwan nazri says:

    lightyoruichi – omg anemone-freak spotted LOL

    shamhardy – another anemone-freakkk?? OMG!

    MK – Neytiri has an ex-boyfriend, I could say that :p

    thechannelc – next big thing = biotech/biomimicry in action probably

  9. ikhwan nazri says:

    mrkay – wafiq cakap itu makyung hahah

  10. @shamhardy eheemmm….
    @thechannelc yea lol. It’s like….who has the longer pony tail now!
    @tekong :whistles:

  11. NoktahHitam says:

    Watched, not really a fan of the story line. It’s too merapu. The human is too heartless, and colonel is an ammo freak. Which brings me to a big question mark, shouldn’t they be receiving orders from Earth? Secondly, the weaponry, is not that advance. Being in the future, I expect to see lasers more than physical bomb/missiles.

    IF they wanted the land so bad, they should have just used nuclear silo. No one will retaliate if everyone dies. Kan? But if they used my idea, there wouldn’t be any story line. 😛

    But undoubtedly, I like the graphics. Very detailed. But the animation sometimes doesn’t justify it’s movement (physics).

  12. ikhwan nazri says:

    noktahhitam – about that weapon, all those lasers that you mention, it’s particularly following the same concept of Halo / XboX. The game director/designer decided to still use projectile-based weaponry ( guns, pistols ) because they felt that will distinguish the human weapon and the alien weapon. Plus, who didn’t like the sound of blank-ammo popping out from the gun.

    my source of the above comments – Halo Art Book

  13. boris says:

    chisss…..aku tak tengok lagi. dan perbualan hgpa suma PENUH DGN SPOILERS! len kali tulih la warning bro! adeiiii

  14. ikhwan nazri says:

    boris – hahahhahahaha padan muka :p

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