My 2009 Petrol Budget

Last year I blogged about year 2008’s petrol that being used for my Anubis. And here below is for this year

December  08 147190= 450
Januari = 350
february = 150
March = 350
April = 250
May = 250
Jun = 350
july = 350
ogos = 200
sept = 350
oct = 450
nov 165402KM= 250

total fuel = 3750 + I serviced car for.. 3 times = 700. And then a major repair for the suspension and steering = RM1800 so total cost

RM 6250. And I travelled = 18212 KM. And if my math still correct. 18212/3750 = 4.856 KM / RM 1. So the ideal distance is I can drive for 200++ KM for RM50 fuel. . Oh yeah since I’ve used Anubis, I always fill the tank RM50. Not that I have much money, but, it’s a fair deal to the car. And with RM50 I can budget my travel much more efficient.

Anyways, not much difference from last year -_- Just a tiny 250. Next year I think I may need to change the tyre.. or have to maintain the aircond system. And I’ve said myself that.. hmm.. I wanna Peugeot 407 but being the self-employed in the early stages, I don’t think I can do that.

But I’m glad that in this early stages, dad kind enough to let me borrow his lovely Perdana/Anubis which is, can speed from 0-100 in just 10-13 seconds and a good cruiser + even sharper turns with new suspension. With that, I, mostly ‘on time’. Not too early not too late :p

My need for speed blood is boiling. blublublub

Dec 2009

2 Responses to : My 2009 Petrol Budget

  1. Tallboyz says:

    Wow! You actually compile all the petrol usage for the whole year. Tat’s awesome.

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    tallboyz – i have 2 years record now :p

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