Weddingkami – Your Interactive Wedding Card NOW PRINTS!

Yeah you heard me right, my next year venture will be Weddingkami, where it now PRINTS hoooyeah!

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Yeap. My next year venture will be Weddingkami. Don’t worry Flavert’s kipas-susah-mati. Flavert still run, doing fun things and fun stuff, hacking here and there. With Emmi Edris joining weddingkami, now we do prints for our customers. Mind you it’s a beautiful wedding card. So we’re providing one stop solution for Wedding Invitation.

The roadmap still far far away. We’ll be organizing contest, lucky draws, and much more fun. Since we’re still new, your promotion will be very helpful with us.

I believe you who visit my blog might encountered this thing about Weddingkami so I’m not saying it’s existing feature anymore, because me and Emi come with a good copy to read at the website. So click here to see WeddingKami: Your Interactive Wedding Card and yeap, be our facebook fan too 😀

P/S: I have broken english but still dare to wear a copywriter hat. LOL.

Dec 2009

6 Responses to : Weddingkami – Your Interactive Wedding Card NOW PRINTS!

  1. Emi says:

    Tekong, honestly… You are a good copywriter in terms of creative writing and ideas. Though your grammar still need a bit of working.. but seriously, your copy is better than mine. Therefore I salute your Flashmaster/copywriter.

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    emi, really, I smile as wide as my tummy. ( tell me this is a sweet copy :p )

  3. varundbest says:

    I liked what you posted here but I must say that it can be improved, although it is good but some more effort can get this blog to the top. And the theme is good.

  4. I get excited when i receive wedding invitations. sometimes i also make customized wedding invitations.,;’

  5. i do most wedding invitations on photoshop and also on MS Word”*~

  6. we like to make customized wedding invitations at home’*.

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