It’s been 2 weeks I didn’t update my blog. Since I’ve must been busy that I didn’t update my blog, I shall update you what I did recently. Hmmm

I’ve been updating my other blogs, especially Officekami. Some noteworthy articles is

Not to forget, fellow barcampers, Nazroll, just ‘hacked’ Officekami and won ‘Best Productivity Hack’ at Southeast Asia Open Hack Day organized by Yahoo. I’m really happy to heard someone make use of Officekami data. Last two weeks I was invited to YTL Communications private dinner to celebrate their recent 4G innovation launch. I’m really flattered to heard Richard and Razlan, complemented on Officekami project to YTL officials.

Btw, it’s not just about Officekami I wanted to update

And the last sunday, i’ve attended Project-500 briefing but was a bit late. They seems like just another and Orsiso where they are social media aggregators. I’m a bit lazy to wrote all about it so head on to three elite social-media blogs to read about it, GreyReview , Carolyn and Niki. But after that, there’s free screening of Twilight, New Moon. Watched it with @spinzer, @icednyior @kruel74 @flyguy729 @kellaw85. I must say that Twilight is the first Jiwang Karat English Movie that I’ve seen. all the dialog. Euww!

Last two days I’ve given my talk at Plug & Play sharing session with Digital Media juniors. I’ve shared about experience in developing Flash Lite apps, shared about how the navigation structure in limited workspace. And also telling them some of the frameworks such as TweenLite and HYPE. During their time now, it’s a lot of thing can be put into play.

Then I’ve attended a Nokia Social Messaging event at Italiannies, Gardens Midvalley. Thanks to davidlian, I’ve tried the new Nokia E72 at the event. I never had a E series phone. This new E-series phone even had a panorama-mode-shooting and optimized for Messaging, since there’s a tabbed windows to chat and to save conversation. Neat. Also met Goldfries, Smashpop, Carolyn, Bytebot at that event.


Surpisingly, Hazel, a Nokia representative, seems pretty shocked to see my Anne, N93, was still alive and asked me how long I’ve been using it. I’ve been using it for 2 years since 2007 and a year before, it was being used by a sweet girl I must said. I’m the second owner of this phone. She told me to told her if I were to discard Anne because Nokia may wanted to keep it in archive, since it’s still running. Hmm thinking evil, I were thinking about a premium price LOL! or trade with N900 Maemo? :p But I did explained to her that Anne already running out of internal memory and I can’t add a new Access point.

Oh ya another one thing I’ve updated company blog with – How to make a game documentation. We (flavert) submitted a documentation for a competition but heh, we failed to get shortlisted. So if you’re a game developer, go ahead and check it how we do our game documentation.

Oh here’s one of my fav song back in 2006 – Rammstein – Feuer Frei

Time pass by really fast. -___-!!

Dec 2009

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