Like Father, Like Son

Last friday our family went to Jengka 21, to attend a relatives wedding. So during journey, we will usually chat, particularly to keep my father occupied so he won’t bored and fall asleep. And here is how he told someone how to slowdown the speed. ( maybe that driver was stressed but he was driving fast on highway, up till 160km/j at that moment. All the passengers were worried, deep silenced and scared, grabbing the ‘handle’ )

So here’s the conversation


Dad: Hey A, can you see the road distance measurement? ( those 164.3km … 164.4 km at the left side of the road.

A: Can.

Dad: What are the numbers written on it?

A: 166.6KM

Dad: Oh you still can see the numbers. You are not fast enough.

And all the silence washed away, replaced with loud laugh. And A replies

A: Haha, that hurts. Okay okay I’m slowing down.


I think if I good at jokes, it’s because of his genes. And if I crack bad jokes, that’s just me.

Dec 2009

Metaphorical Hell

Currently I’m playing Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars that is available on PSP. What I could say about the game it now has more interactives, and not to forget, an extremely funny character to play with.

And this is just how funny it is, during one side mission. Player/We will use a Chinese character. And this funny character, sure living in metaphorical hell.


Go try Chinatown Wars. It’s a real fun

Do you know that GTA is a game that you can be extremely violent, and it require parental advisor, now you know.

Dec 2009

Why you should watch Avatar

  1. It’s not as cheap as Transformers. Take that.
  2. Quite rich story line. I don’t think it can be aired if there’s part being cut. No wonder the duration is frickin 2 hours and a half.
  3. The war scene quite epic. The scores too sends a cold shiver to your spine. But it felt a bit like ‘Enemy at the Gates’ score.
  4. And seeing the tree fallen, quite evil but, oh bombs!
  5. The mechas truly awesome! The robots, and also the visuals/augmented style. coool gila!! Imagine flying a ship and all the controls can be slide to the side. Oh yes, and for medics, how about detaching a electronic transparency. SWEET!
  6. The Na’vi. The pandora are stunningly beautiful. I just want to step on the lush, where it will glow for each steps that I make.
  7. And the Na’vi can assimilate/connect with nature just by using their hair?? Just another sweet feature. It’s the same tech as nanomachine installed in soldiers in Metal Gear Solid. Connect the hair with the animal and control it. Pretty fabulous!
  8. And I want to ride the Toruk!

Enough said. But as a self-proclaimed-technologist, I do love the way of how the future would be. Where genetic engineered being applied, and how the screen-hologram presented. How the ship being controlled with touchscreen minority report style. Yet, I feel the same depth with Na’vi when utilizing the Banshee/Ikran, the horse, and also the Toruk, using their hair. That alone give me a hint of neuro-linked activities. We just said where we wanna go.

I know I don’t live longer to see all those technology. Still, I amaze Eye-ball targeting helmet in Macross.

I’m a self-proclaimed-technologist-wannabe. Shoot me.

//===========update 29/12/2009

I watched Avatar for second time, and came up with below jokes. Apparently Na’vi, even seems like a primitive, they already use human technology related to computer as in

  • Hair connect with Ikran/Horse/tree = USB Plug & Play across multiple platform
  • When Jake control his Ikran/horse using english language = Multiple Language Support
  • Their Eywa/tree whatever = Revision history file storage, Dropbox
  • all Na’vi singing/reciting prayers to transfer Grace/jake souls to their avatar body and their usb-hair connected to the ground = Rendering Farm/shared computing

Again, shoot me :p

Dec 2009
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My 2009 Petrol Budget

Last year I blogged about year 2008’s petrol that being used for my Anubis. And here below is for this year

December  08 147190= 450
Januari = 350
february = 150
March = 350
April = 250
May = 250
Jun = 350
july = 350
ogos = 200
sept = 350
oct = 450
nov 165402KM= 250

total fuel = 3750 + I serviced car for.. 3 times = 700. And then a major repair for the suspension and steering = RM1800 so total cost

RM 6250. And I travelled = 18212 KM. And if my math still correct. 18212/3750 = 4.856 KM / RM 1. So the ideal distance is I can drive for 200++ KM for RM50 fuel. . Oh yeah since I’ve used Anubis, I always fill the tank RM50. Not that I have much money, but, it’s a fair deal to the car. And with RM50 I can budget my travel much more efficient.

Anyways, not much difference from last year -_- Just a tiny 250. Next year I think I may need to change the tyre.. or have to maintain the aircond system. And I’ve said myself that.. hmm.. I wanna Peugeot 407 but being the self-employed in the early stages, I don’t think I can do that.

But I’m glad that in this early stages, dad kind enough to let me borrow his lovely Perdana/Anubis which is, can speed from 0-100 in just 10-13 seconds and a good cruiser + even sharper turns with new suspension. With that, I, mostly ‘on time’. Not too early not too late :p

My need for speed blood is boiling. blublublub

Dec 2009

Hijrah, meh berubah

Seperti tahun tahun yang sudah, Hijrah, tahun baru Islam datang lagi.

Kita dah tutup kitab tahun lepas, marilah bersama-sama menambahbaik amalan untuk tahun baru ini.

In one way Hijrah tahun lepas aku sumbangkan satu mende pada islam melalui Officekami. Kalau korang tak pernah masuk lagi, selain listing tempat-tempat yang leh wat kerja seperti kedai kopi dan mamak, aku ada bitau gak kat mana surau nak carik kat sana. Mesti korang bosan aku asyik mention officekami tp tu salah satu sebab aku kurang update blog ni dah. tertukar fokus lak. heh.

Aku rasa tahun depan at least aku nak try buat satu game/ interaktif utk islam saja suka suka.

tahun depan aku nak try unlock new job, Tekno-Daie. ( ceh cakap macam main game RPG je job job tu )

tapi diorang kata bukan senang nak jadi Daie. bila jadi macam tu semua mata memandangmu. ada tanggungjawab besar dibahumu.

Terasa kecil pulak diri ini. Takpelah, let’s try to get there first. tapi bila fikir mende macam ni resah, seperti blogpost sebelum ni. Ah persetankan apa orang nak kata. mari pergi sana.

//ini blogpost paling pendek pernah aku tulis rasanya.

//RPG = Role Playing Game seperti World of Warcraft, Ragnarok.

//lagu blogpost sebelum ini sungguh menjelaskan keresahan seorang pemuda, yang bergelut dengan macam perkara. Hendak cuba mendukung Daie bersama Teknologi bukan perkara senang sekiranya masyarakat masih tidak bersedia. namun, nak tunggu masyarakat bersedia bagaikan menunggu bulan jatuh ke riba.

biar resah hilang saja

Dec 2009