Achievement Unlocked!

Finally for some self-proud-promote-post



I may didn’t have a lot of follower, but I didn’t think I did anything unethical to go to that position. What puzzles me is what kind of algorithm behind this?

  • Do they count Follower/Following ratio?
  • Do they count in terms of engagement/ replies
  • Do they count in terms of Retweets

All those above puzzled me because seriously, I didn’t score any of those o_O but whatever it is, now what I need to do to stay there LOL ? :p And if I did influence people, hooooooooo…. what kind of influence-thingy I inject to them. hahahahah. Again, I’m not that elite social-media nor Malaysian top blogger nor famous recognizable personalities. I hope either I happen to be there just by luck, or by bug.

Vote for me for next Malaysia election? boo!

To see the complete list of / Malaysia Most Influential Twitter-es, go here. Wefollow is a side project of the famous Kevin Rose.

Nov 2009
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10 Responses to : Achievement Unlocked!

  1. B-Mecha says:

    Wah! Congratulation for being most influential #2.

    I’ll vote for u! hahahha

  2. Bat says:

    #2 tuh, aku baru #19 =_=

    Tapi serius la, aku pun tertanya-tanya apa kriteria untuk algorithm dia.

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    b-mecha : oh yeahhh 1 vote :p

    bat – ha tula. aku nak tnaye algorithm dia mcm mana yg wt aku naik huhu.

  4. congratulations~!! cayalah tekong!!! go2~!!! =D

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    zzaty – ni nak go mana lak ni? go mobile? 😛

  6. ehsanhanafi says:

    no dua berpengaroh..
    gile la..
    pengaroh ape kau pengaroh kan smpai org terpengaroh?

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    ehsan – aku tatau baik ko tanye orang yg dipengaruh kekekeke

  8. MK says:

    Yey bos aku pun ada, hahaha.

  9. ikhwan nazri says:

    MK – wootness bos ko mmg wajib ada la dia kan duta remaja.

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