Chili’s Food Review

So the date comes in again, Flavert Media Lab already 2 years being incorporated :D. We’ve been incorporated since 7-11-2007. Nice date. So we did no fancy things nor parties nor trips, just a simple dinner at Chili’s KLCC with Sabau and her Missus; Sakeenah, and Art Director, Paie.

So this is what we have. But if you were looking to read my speeches for this 2nd year incorporation of Flavert, click here. ( still didn’t update it so later )

Chili's Kickin' Jack

This is the starters, Kickin Jack Nachos. It’s a Nachos topped with baked cheese. Might be Mozzarella cheese that being used in Pizza making.

Fire Grill Jalapeno Steak Quesadillas

At first I was thinking to have Southwestern Lamb Steak but figured out that you can have steak at normal shops, I decided to switch to something mexicans. I’m having Fire Grill Jalapeno Steak Quesadillas and sabau have a chicken variant of the same quesadillas. My quesadillas is a bit spicy and there’s 10 of it, crispy quesadillas.

Mushroom Jack

This is what Ms Sabau – Sakeenah have. Mushroom Jack. It was a sorta black-peppered chicken + beef with some green chilis and served with Tortillas. This is the kind of dishes that kinda leceh, because you need to put it inside tortillas on your own. I’ve tried this variant at Las Carretas, USJ.

Spaghetti Bolognaise

And Paie having Spagetti Bolognaise, which he said too sour for him. I tasted it and it has a lotsa tomatoes indeed.

And all of us were totally full that we can’t have a desserts. Even I have some leftovers of it. I’m a type who, I think can say rarely, have leftovers. Instead, I’m the one cleaning for others hahah fatass. We have bottomless mango and ice lemon tea, with 2 chocolate shakes.

The good thing at Chili’s is that they state all bacons as Beef Bacon. Bacon usually port. In Malaysia, Islamic State, everything bacon that available for public will be replaced with Beef Bacon or Chicken Bacon. My friends from Singapore, Muslims, scolded me for not bringing them to have Carl’s Jr in Malaysia, where it is Halal and used Chicken Bacon, if I’m not mistaken.And it is stated at Chili’s they are Pork-Free. Layman terms = No Pork.

But still if you ask me the halal certificate of Chili’s, of course they can’t have it because they have bars serving alcoholic stuff.

For me Chili’s a great place to dine-in. The food price range is a bit expensive. Main Course starts from RM20++ Oh well this is what I call “not a monthly restaurant”

Nov 2009
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11 Responses to : Chili’s Food Review

  1. orellex says:

    nice review lah flarvet….eh flavert…heheh sorry wish u all the best and success always!~

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    orel – thanks dud! 😀

  3. B-Mecha says:

    sedap nyer…… Why singapore’s Chilis so freaking expensive!!! T___T

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    b-mecha – oi jangan convert price lah!

  5. feldspar says:

    congratulations XD

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    feldspar – thanks temah. bila ko nak banje aku ? 😛

  7. fecraze says:

    when you stop calling me temah

  8. sarah says:

    Salam. Nak tanya, kompem ke steak yang dimasak tu tak campo arak? Curious. TQ

  9. dora says:

    semua tempat ni macam tgif. italiannes, boleh cakap tak no guna arak dlm masakan and they will not use. tapi TGIF mmg tak guna dah arak.

  10. awg1031 says:

    walaupun tuan kedai kata xde jual pork, anda yakin dgn ramuan2 nya xbercampur unsur haram (seasoning, etc)? sebab itu penting ada sijil halal JAKIM supaya thorough inspection can be done..perghhh, simply eat, goodness me..

    plus, they are selling liquors..dah xde tempat lain ke nak pergi makan bro? kamon la..jgn nak bawak cite dlm kapal terbang serves arak boleh to me as that is different matters..u got a choice man..

    blahhh..typical attitude of muslims..

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