Lets talk about petrol in Malaysia

Indeed a sensitive issue. Try shouting “oil price increase” and you’ll see a herds of vehicle rushing to the nearest petrol pump.

But come to think of it, oil price is a complicated issue. Why?

Malaysia is an oil exporter

Yeah. As we know, Malaysia is blessed with many export commodities, one of it is Petroleum. We have many oil reserve especially in East coast. Wait. I didn’t think we still have many because Petroleum created from the remains of creatures during Paleolithic/ Dinosaur age. Terengganu and Kelantan have the oil reserve in their sea area especially. Malaysia export the oil and also use it for citizen’s vehicle. Thus, being subsidize.

Malaysia subsidize the oil to the people

Yup. Government subsidize the oil to the people. Despite that, price still fluctuate and the price still deemed expensive. Fresh graduates who can afford a car, might can’t afford to maintain it. Let say every fresh graduates has a basic salary of RM1500. And for basic first hand car ( saga/viva/myvi ) they may pay Rm400-500 every month and then add to their fuel, i assume RM200 per month base on the engine capacity. The total of it already near to half of their salary and then add in home rent if applicable and also paying back their sponsors/loan, imagine how much they left to survive and save. Well no wonder there might be a numbers who didn’t pay back to PTPTN.

Some people now using motorcycle to cut down their daily fuel usage. Some using their vehicle just to get to the nearest public transport, especially PUTRA/LRT/RapidKL or Komuter and Monorail and then changing trains or buses to go through office. But does using public transport solve all the problem?

Malaysia have a poor public transport system

Now I’m saying this is because you can’t get any buses that pretty sharp on time to arrive at your bus stop. And the trains too will not come at time. Either it came early but most of them, coming up late, base on my chit-chatting with frequent bus-passengers. Not to forget, if I’m not mistaken, RapidKL/SPNB ( which related to national infrastructure ) only able to add in more trains later in next two years. Try boarding the train and you’ll have to cram in the cabin with others. If female, they felt insecure, because cramming with males. Male too, afraid if they accidentally bump into female and being accused of a pervert groper/peraba. Not to forget we have a lot of crimes happening such at rob and snatch not to forget, pickpockets around this environment of cramped situation.

Some sort of reasoning to bash the latecomers being used, such as “you got to be early if you’re taking public transport”. Let me say this, most of them perhaps being early but without proper system to manage the time, or the buses didn’t come on time, the passengers unable to plan their trip. The ideal environment is for the buses always came in time and so the passengers able to plan successfully such as “oh my next bus is coming in 30 minutes/ I need to wait another 45 minutes before my bus” and they able to time/plan this in their office/or inside their mobile.

Not to forget, because the operators have less buses, people forced to be cramped in and for those pregnant women or anyone felt insecure, have to wait for another bus. And that another bus, will not have any guarantee that it’ll be empty and comfy. There’s always another person thinking “the next bus will be less crowded”.

And read this particular paragraph I found when googling

Jangan banding cik dengan orang lain. Kalau
kedai tepi rumah, mesjid tepi rumah, ofis tepi rumah dan public transport
sampai terus ke ofis bolehlah. Lihat lah secara terbuka, selain dari tempat
nak tuju jauh, public transport kita hampeh, nak hantar isteri, anak kecil
dsb nya boleh ker nak harap jalan kaki atau naik public transport saja.Kalau
anda biasa naik bas, komuter dan lain-lain public transport anda tahulah
sendiri siksanya. - read here

Poor him

Malaysia have a chicken and egg situation here

If you unfamiliar with that statement, it refers to this question.

Which one comes first? Egg or Chicken?

Now, the government always wanted to pull out the petrol subsidy. Why? Because they think that with less petrol subsidy, they could spend the money in other areas. Put aside if there’s corruption might happen here, they could invest more on the technology, more on the development of country, and more more more things you can suggest. But if they would, I would rather suggest for them to improve on Public Transport System.

This is because, when Public Transport System gotten better, people will be using it for their own goods. Last years or decades there were Carpooling/Kongsi kereta campaign. That campaign is pushing people to carpool to their destination. I didn’t know if that campaign was a success, I think not as you can see a lot of people drive on their own.

Back to the issue, when Public Transport System being fixed, such as more trains and buses, more networks, faster turnaround and most importantly, being on time, more people will be switching to a healthier lifestyle of walking. Now, the setback for people to jump aboard is because the reason I said earlier. But also, because people don’t want to use public transport, those public transport operators, RapidKL, Metrobus, don’t want to invest on much money because the current people didn’t want to use it. It will be a waste for operators.

So now people use their own vehicle and when government wants to cut the petrol subsidy, people getting angry because they didn’t have any other choice. They use car everyday.

So now when the government wants public operators to upgrade their transport, they hesitated knowing not many people want to ride it.

Government responsibility

It is chicken and egg situation. But here comes the government responsibility to lose some money. They need to invest so that people would want to use the public transport so that they didn’t use their own vehicle frequently. They need to ensure public safety so that people want to use public transport. When they didn’t use their vehicle everyday, cutting the petrol subsidy will be much easier. That time, only those who really need, will use the car.

No, turn the sides, when government cut the petrol subsidy making the petrol much expensive, people were forced to use public transport, but they will accept it if it is safe, secure, and on time. Or alternatively just increase the parking payment in KL, so it won’t affect kampung people.

And at this time, if you, the government said people should understand when they increase oil price, the people will understand it clearly enough, at least I think like that if the public transport, maybe not perfect, but worthy to use it.

Disclaimer: I’m not sided to anyone, but I think I could comprehend if Government want to cut petrol subsidy for peoples good, for countries’ best interest, they need to do what is the best interest of people, the better public transport infrastructure. When people happy they vote for which side will make them happier. But when they vote for a side that won’t make them much happy, that means that current government must be a bitch ass that they need to vote more bad ass.

It was as simple as that, and no I didn’t say the current opposition is bad ass, it’s just the analogy of how the worst it could be, for a normal citizen like me.

Or actually, the solution for this issue is actually keep on the petrol subsidy and keep people happy, by cutting down unnecessary expenditure, for example 1 laptop for RM40K. That’s just one of it.

Oct 2009
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10 Responses to : Lets talk about petrol in Malaysia

  1. pecal says:

    cube pegi australia..bas penuh..kosong ttp sampai on time. jalan turun bukit..bas menten 80kmh..biar la slow pon. kt bustop ade pamphlet jadual bas..tgk time mesti tepat bas tuh sampai. lengkap sume jaln bus ikut nombor. mmg la jauh sgt ‘kualiti’ dari msia.

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    pecal – tula negara lain mmg banyak tepat pada masanya. kita lak takleh tepat pada masa dan sering guna disclaimer ( masa tidak dijamin tepat ) hahaha

  3. Fahmishah says:

    Sebut pasal bus, selagi tak penuh bas kat LRT, selagi tu driver lepak tepi bas.

    Mentaliti dan disiplin masyarakat kita yang menyusahkan keadaan. Terlalu cerewet. Mahu melaram dengan kereta, akibat, berlambak kereta terpakai di kedai jual kereta. Bila harga kereta naik, tahu marah, tapi bab beli kereta baru tak jadi masalah.

  4. pecal says:

    fahmishah- kdg2 selain melaram mmg public transport xleh harap..terpakse la beli kereta..x pon moto. paling geram komuter(bas mmg jarang naik..saper duk bangi, tau la sistem bas cmne..mmg sgt2 xleh harap..yg ade pon bas mini penuh indon)..komuter dh la x on time..bile lambat bertambah penuh la org bersesak. bodoh punye ktm.

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    fahmishah + pecal – mcm aku ckp.. isu minyak ni komplikated

  6. Harga minyak akan terus naik dan tak boleh dielakkan. Cuba baca berkenaan Peak Oil theory oleh M.King Hurbert, tanya-tanyakanlah lebai Google. Suka atau tidak ianya hakikat yang perlu diterima. Dalam erti kata lain subsidi yang perlu dikeluarkan kerajaan untuk memastikan harga minyak terus rendah semakin hari akan semakin tinggi. Minyak juga semakin hari semakin kering jika penggunaan minyak semakin tinggi (penggunaan kereta peribadi meningkat). Maka bukankah lebih baik jika pelaburan lebih besar dapat ditumpukan kepada menaik taraf pengangkutan awam supaya lebih efisyen kerana aku percaya sekiranya lebih berbaloi menaiki kenderaan awam, siapa tak nak naik. Seperti biasa tolak tepi korupsi yang menjadi-jadi. Dimanakah fokus pembangunan setiap kali belanjawan dibentang? Adakah isu pengangkutan awam dilihat dengan serius?

    Rakyat perlu disedarkan tentang teori puncak minyak. Kerajaan perlu lebih serius memikirkan cara untuk keluar dari masalah ini. Pembangkang pula kena turut sama membantu, jangan politikkan isu minyak sangat.

    Sekadar pandangan mentah dari aku.

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    edry – itu sama gak ngan apa yg aku fikirkan. rakyat asyik nak disuap, kerajaan pun nak suapan. kita tonggak harapan bangsa mati kelaparan


  8. fecraze says:

    public transport in malaysia is a joke.
    its expensive, its unreliable, and it suffocates. (srsly, i nearly died on the ktm from sentral to subang)
    travelling to kl from subang takes almost an hour (if im lucky) and costs rm 10. imagine how much that would cost in a month.

    face it. change wont come just by talking about it. politicians keep talking about ‘1malaysia’, but forget that crap. spouting a phrase every 10 seconds doesnt make it real. what malaysia needs isnt a slogan. what malaysia needs is a total change in the attitude of just sitting back and watching. what malaysia needs is for its people to start realising that it takes everyone to make the country a better place. what malaysia needs is for its people to stop being selfish for a change.

    rant probably totally unrelated, but damn, i needed to get it off my chest… muahaha

  9. ikhwan nazri says:

    fecraze – temah, strong words indeeed. kagum aku kejap.. kejap je :p

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