My view on I-Iqraq by Terengganu State Gov

Yesterday, Syed Huzaifah alerted me about a recent post by a Obefiend who P4WN Raja Petra & Malaysian Today for the Police Beating Rapist thingy (read it there). He ( obefiend ) posted about I-Iqraq that was announced by Terengganu State Government. yeah read the news here.


For those who didn’t understand Malay language, simply said, Terengganu will sell this Digital Al-Quran through their elected-reseller-by-state-government at the price of RM1,988.

That price is equal for a Dell Mini 10 that run Windoze.

That price you can buy second hand Mac Mini, of course, need to BYODKM – Buy Your Own Display Keyboard Mouse.

That price is equal for three PSP.

That price can buy 2 iPod Touch

Now let’s do some comparison.


Off course it’s still pretty unfair to do early comparison, mainly because the specification and the features is yet to be announced but really. RM1988? That’s kinda overkill for me. Plus you can get a pretty much more cooler iPod Touch or if you being ‘touché, the PSP I would say much more sufficient.And I can’t help but to remember that there’s Stadium -Roof Collapse incident, Perdana V6 overkill-price-for-maintenance in the Terengganu. If this device was announced by other state, I may not think there’s any hanky-panky thing going on. And I wonder what’s with the line of selling-that-device-through-state-government-elected-reseller.

Doesn’t that sound fishy?

I know they may said that’s the price for that software alone, again I could comprehend it but why not make that software can be played/run on existing platform? If there’s need to be specific devices, then why not the price much more cheaper? For god sake it’s much more expensive than iPod-Touch that can install hundreds of Apps and yeah, just need to download i-Quran for free. And I thought Terengganu kids already got a laptop. right?

Now when I complaint like this, most probably the response i’ll get is this is Malay, can’t see other Malay succeed. (macam ni la perangai melayu, dengki sesama sendiri) Now let me justify my stance.

I am happy for every advancement/ improvements being implemented towards Islam, but I can’t stand that if I were to purchase it, it’s gonna be RM1988.

I’m a programmer so rest assured I know how to value the manpower to start with. but with that price. swt. State Zakat cannot fund some ah??

Why Al-Quran for PSP distributed for free?

The reason why Al-Quran for PSP/The Raise Project distributed for free is because it’s using translation from Arab Saudi Government Website and it is stated that it’s for academic use only. If I were to charge it, I plan to publish a UMD version that can fit local/international Imam recitation and have various translation plus, since it’s run on native PSP environment, I could make it much more stable and faster plus access bookmark too, just like playing a game in PSP.

And with that, UMD price should be just around RM70-100 given that all of the above you got, but hey, it’s PSP and it’s an Entertainment devices. The plan didn’t go on because I decide to concentrate with Flavert. And I was planning something bigger with PSP platform, and for that to take off, I need some time, to ensure the timing is right, and I don’t want to become extremely early just like Sega Dreamcast. And the timing here is not about technology but with Islamic community.

From developer hats, obviously I can’t charge anyone at the moment with Al-Quran for PSP limited capabilities.

From so-called business coat, wait, I’m not even a business person to start with hahah.

As for Al-Quran for PSP fans, the next update is gonna be for PSP-Go,hopefully :)

Dear Sony Malaysia, please give me Sony PSP Go for free yeay so that I can try to see if I can make Al-Quran for PSP Go 😀

Oct 2009
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12 Responses to : My view on I-Iqraq by Terengganu State Gov

  1. oDiN says:

    then how much do u think they should charge ?

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    odin – you think ? 😛

  3. sarakay says:

    I totally agree with your views.

  4. ehsanhanafi says:

    kau xnmpk ke signbod besa tulis ni…
    “satu lagi projek barisan nasional”

  5. Fahmishah says:

    Sepatutnya kerajaan sokong The Raise, mantapkan yang sedia ada. Bukan buat produk baru yang tak munasabah pada harga. Hantar anak ke rumah ustaz pun aku rasa ilmu lagi masuk dari belajar dengan komputer.

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    sara – yeah you have the PSP and such so i guess you know how much the value of device

    ehsan – wakakakak ada signboard mmg takle blah

    fahmishah – haha tp tula masalahnye aku malas melobi sbb aku sendiri pun ada aim yang melampau dan mungkin masih kurang sesuai lagi. tapi tula baik antar anak gi belajar ngan ustaz.

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  9. Bird says:

    ahaha…*facepalm*. ipod touch pun berganda2 lagi murah, lagpun rasanya lebih efektif guna ipod touch atau psp kalo utk wt pembelajaran al quran. mmm…nak bagi budak2 belajar, rasanya ipod touch ngan psp ni nmpk lebih menarik (budak2 mst suka benda yg cool kan?), tp yg pentingnya lebih ergonomik dari, err…, laptop. interface straightforward, tu yang utama. lagi ekonomik lak tu, kalo budak2 main godek2 laptop tu then rosak, kan mahal kos nya nk repair. tu lom kira lagi (kalau device yg dimaksudkan I-Iqraq tu adalah laptop) kalau masalah virus ke? ye lah tak boleh expect semua tenaga pengajar (dan yg penting, budak2 kecik) semua dari kalangan yg tech-savvy, masalah je hantar kt kedai. kan kene caj brape ploh ringgit lg.

    “…I-Iqraq akan dijual kepada orang ramai tidak lama lagi menerusi syarikat yang dilantik kerajaan negeri dengan harga RM1,988 seunit dan akan diperluaskan ke seluruh negara pada masa akan datang.”
    – hohoho…ni ada sket nasihat utk org yg wt pakej i-iqraq ni : today people vote with their wallet. bergantung sahaja lah kamu pada kontrak utk membekal pada kerajaan negeri.

  10. ikhwan nazri says:

    bird – tula. kenapa tak PSP. takde virus pun rosak antar kedai ramai leh repair. ni i-Iqraq pakai ape lah agaknye.

  11. bird says:

    Patut pakejkan je The Raise Project ngan PSP, jual special price RM3k. Kadang2 benda2 free ni diorg pandang sebelah mata je. Persepsi kot.

    *Payah le kalo bab2 mengaji al-quran ni pun nak dibisneskan cmtu skali. cukuplah kes kes kontraktor bina masjid2 x ikut spec sbb sume nak kaut untung. Agama bukan untuk dijual*

  12. ikhwan nazri says:

    bird – sebab aku developer/programmer la aku tanak charge mcm tu. aku tau value dia tak ternilai tp orang leh senang salah faham huhu. betul.. agama bukan untuk dijual

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