Sakae Sushi Review

Update 21 May 2010 =  i got a commentar, Mr Nazrey from JAKIM and he stated that Shogun, Sakae, Tenji uses alcohol/sake in their recipe. To avoid dispute, I’m going to put the post in ‘spoiler mode’ and to retain truthfulness of this post. It is advisable for any Japanese food lovers to check Halal status after this. This applies for me too. His comments can be read here.

To read the original post, click the spoiler tag.

I am unsure Mr Nazrey here is a legit representative from Jakim or not, but to avoid confusion and to avoid more muslims eating non-halal food, I took a safer step. For me, why don’t Jakim enforce this Sushi joints a NON-HALAL tags. Just like the others.

Original post
Yesterday I manage to trick myself with Sakae Sushi. Actually I wanted to go to O-Shima Japanese Restaurant but they’re closed perhaps in conjunction with Deepavali. And I went to Sunway Pyramid to check on Yoshinoya that I believe it was there before.. I think. Unfortunately, can’t find it so I ended up in Sakae Sushi.

Been a time I didn’t post food review :p

So after ordering Donburi, have to wait for some minutes, I decided to take some sushi on Kaiten Belt. Kaiten Belt is that ‘belt’ that carry the sushi. They have three plates, Green = RM 1.90, Pink = RM 3.90 and Red = RM5.90 I took my first pink plate but forget to take pics. It’s some sort of rice covered with fried omelette and.. ahh forgetlah.

And my second plate is this


Salmon with fried onion in the center. There’s 4 minis of it. Pretty tasty and fresh.

And then comes the donburi I’ve ordered.


Ordered a Gyu-Don (Beef) It served alone. If you go to Yoshinoya you can have it with Miso Soup and veggie, if I’m not mistaken.


And another is Tempura Don. It didn’t come with Tempura sauce. Hmm speaking of tempura sauce, what is the ingredients of tempura sauce actually. It’s pretty hot but not as ‘thick’ as that soy ketchup.

Since can’t finish the rice without lauk (melayu betul bab makan) decided to take chuka idako.


Just in case I didn’t get the name right ( chuka idako ) it’s baby squid. If Malay gonna sell these on the street, they’re gonna name it Sotong Dara wahahahahhaha. A parody of overrated Ayam Dara

Then, I’ve ordered Chawanmushi via interactive LCD they supplied. Forgot which Chawanmushi I’ve ordered but it’s the ordinary one. It’s one that I’m missing at previous Buka Puasa Shogun, forgot to take it. While waiting for my Chawanmushi, I snapped another plate.


It’s a Sushi with Chicken Floss ( serunding ) and also some seafood as crabsticks and prawn.

Then my Chawanmushi comes.


it’s an egg custard with fishcake ( that pink swirl it is ) and with one piece of Shiitake Mushrooms and with shark-fin. The taste is like half boiled egg. I’ve added some soy sauce to make it a bit tasty. But then at one time I’ve overloaded the soy sauce and it tastes… euw.. lucky it’s still a few bits left else it’s pembaziran.

It is much tastier than Sushi King i would say, but please, taste varies for different person, same as beauty :)

Didn’t I tell you that my childhood ambition was a chef? :p

Oct 2009
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  1. oDiN says:

    eh . biler ko gi sunway pryamid ?

  2. Mohd Ismail says:

    dalam kepala aku xpernah lekang sushi ni makanan laut yg x masak :) tp dr apa yg ko makan, nampak semua masak molek je.. siap ada serunding halus lg..heh

    *true story: aku pernah pergi interview untuk Assistant Manager Sakae Sushi Penang.. heh :)*

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    odin – eh pasepa?

    mail – apsal ko tak amek wahahah. tapi sushi lebih kepada half-cook. atau quarter cook. kalo mentah abes abesan mmg tak lalu huhu

  4. Mohd Ismail says:

    sebelum aku keluar bilik interview, mamat tu tanya, are you really want to work at sushi restaurant?

    aku senyum je beb.. lepas tu aku agak mmg xdapat la.. experience kena tanya pasal sushi.. ha ha

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    mail – dia ada tanye pasal nama nama sushi ke.. wa letih nak menghafal.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to interupt. But, as far as I know, Sakae Sushi is not halal. Sebab I ada seorang kawan yg suka makan sushi, and dia dah kena tipu dgn org Sakae Sushi for not mentioning that the shop is not halal. The guard yg kerja kt that specific shopping mall yg tegur.

    Just something that I would like to share.

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    as far as I concern, they didn’t serve pork. They did serve sake so they can’t have Halal certificate. The same falls with Shogun Japanese Buffet. Where they have certified Halal Dim Sum, Halal Duck ( you can see the halal certificate when you take it ) but since they serve Sake/Japanese Beer, the Restaurant can’t get Halal certificate.

  8. nadia says:

    There is high possibility that they use mirin (rice wine) in their sushi. I don’t doubt that they will tell you the meat is halal, but try asking them about mirin/sake IN the food itself. Probably you should inquire their management?

  9. ikhwan nazri says:

    nadia – my brother works at Shota Sushi and he told me that generally, generally in Malaysia they don’t use mirin. However I’ve emailed Sakae Sushi just to further clarify on that. thanks on your feed back.

  10. Eza says:

    So Ikhwan, did you get a reply from Sakae Sushi? Baru-baru ni I pergi satu kedai yg jual brg brg Jepun (selalunya dia sebelah dgn kedai sushi).. Minah tu cakap that most chawan mushi prepared at Jap restaurant tak halal sebab pakai some sort of sauce yg ada pork.. errrk.. terkedu kejap, sebab dah berbakul bakul chawan mushi i makan kat Shogun and Sushi King. Tapi bila I google recipe for Chawan Mushi, not necessarily ada pork. So just nak tanya pembaca lain, kut-kut ada yg pernah kerja kedai sushi, tau tak apa sauce yg diorg letak dlm chawan mushi tu?

  11. ikhwan nazri says:

    eza – i pernah makan Chawanmushi dekat Shogun. If you realize there’s a halal certificate being shown at every food but tak perasan lak utk Chawanmushi.

    i’ve emailed sakae sushi but didn’t receive any feedback yet.

  12. Amir 016-2927751 says:


  13. Mohd. Nazrey says:


    Saya Nazrey, berkerja di Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM), bahagian pengurusan sijil halal. (makanan, minuman, barangan harian, restoran dsbg.)

    En.Amir, perkara ni mudah sahaja, sebagai seorang suami, Encik harus menasihati isteri supaya tidak pergi ke restoran2 yg tidak halal atau tidak tahu status halal atau tidak, mungkin dia harus berbincang secara terbuka dengan rakan yg bukan muslim ataupun pihak majikan mengenai sensitif nya isu halal dan haram.

    Dari sudut yg lain pula,restoran yg diperkatakan di sini, adalah PORK FREE, tetapi, ia tetap sebuah restoran yg TIDAK HALAL, kerana, ia menghidangkan SAKE (peraturan Jakim telah menetapkan tidak akan memberi status halal pada restoran yg menghidangkan minuman keras), dan, kita telah cuba untuk mengetahui tentang cara2 dan kandungan masakan2 oleh chef2 di (restoran2 jepun)Shogun,Sakae,Tenji dan macam2 lagi,dan kebanyakannya menggunakan sake (sejenis minuman keras di jepun;ARAK) untuk menambah perisa/resipi makanan2 yg disediakan, dan ini jelas telah melanggar hukum, dan sememangnya HARAM!

    Jadi kesimpulan yg dapat saya beri kepada pengemar makanan2 jepun, tolong kaji selidik restoran yg anda pergi menjamu selera, (masih ada restoran sushi yg halal yg lain),jgn kerana di depan restoran tertulis “PORK FREE” maka anda menganggap tempat itu halal.Benda seperti ini kalau tidak dibendung, sehingga menjadi darah daging kita, dan bakal merosakkan zuriat dan generasi masa hadapan. Wallahualam.

  14. abdullah habsyi says:

    Pada saya, bila dh was-was tu dah jatuh hukum dh.. so patut dielakkan.. kalau rasa tak confident, jangan pergi.. kalau confident, sendiri tanggung.. kalau dh tau, nak pergi jugak, tepuk dada tanya iman.. wal’afu minkum..

  15. hurulaini says:


    weird, the Italian restaurant near my office do sell wine but they also get halal certificate that listing all the halal food in there (and i know the some of the chef there are Muslim anyway)….

    im not really sure about sushi & other foods in the preview….but please do avoid udon….the original recipe in japan, the soup made from pork broth or sometime beef broth.

  16. Amir Hakim says:

    hurullaini…thats a fake cert! serius…cek logo halal jakim yg betol2 punya…Asia punya logo pun lain tau…Mais pun tak silap ada main peranan gak (selalu buat spotcek kat HOTEL 5STARS nyer bintang)…lagi satu, tak silap aku la, kalau diorang jual arak (ada gak level2 tertentu, arak untuk dining, arak untuk mabuk, arak untuk makanan.)..ada rules jugak tak silap, kena sediakan arak di tempat yg betol2 di asingkan dari apa2 makanan pun…same like TGI did dulu, tapi last2 banyak kantoi ngan Jais ke mais ker..food2 dorang chef bantai campur wain…herm…ada nombor kan di sijil tu tak silap? boleh rujuk kan ke jais ker? jakim ker? mais ker??

    En.Nazrey, TERIMA KASIH BANYAK2 KERANA MENERANGKAN JALAN YG SAMAR2…rerkedu den tertiba org jakim boleh post setelah terbaca agaknya komen2 aku dalam FB…

    pasni, kalau boleh, Jakim elok terangkan betol2 tentang restoran2 seperti chilis, tgi dsbgnyer….dah terlampau banyak sgt kaum muslimin dan muslimah yg terjebak “JANJI TAKDE BABI KITA BOLEH MAKAN”….tak diambil kire tentang chicken stock yg digunakan oleh chef2 yg selalu merahsiakan hidangan2 tertentu kan?? bab daging ngan ayam or kambing tuh…Ya Allah…ramai betul laa umat Islam kat msia ni dok sauk bangkai dlm perot, anak, bini, sendiri…sedap kan?

    Ttg bini aku lak…dia hadir gak kat SHOGUN…pasal BOs aku nyer besday skali laa…tapi, aku ingatkan betol2, sambil aku cerita pasal EN.Nazrey nyer kenyataan, so, dia kata dia makan nasi putih biasa, ngan ikan shj tadi…herm…ntah ler…tapi shushi2, or ayam daging langsung dia tak sentuh..yg heran tuh, dia dah bagi nasihat kat rakan muslim dia yg nampak lebih warak, tapi ..boleh kawan dia jawap ..”hermmm tulah kannn…” sambil terus belasah segala apa yg ada…masyaAllah!…harap2 , bangkit laa Islam2 yg benar di Malaysia, kerana ramai yg dah agak ringan sgt, amalan dan akidah mereka sekarang..yg merisaukan aku, anak2 aku yg bakal melalui bende2 nih dalam 10 tahun akan dtg…erm…

  17. Amir Hakim says:

    wow…read the link…
    see??? then?/ seb bek selama ni tak tahu bende soy sos sushi tu tak halal…ouchh! skang kena laa hati2 semua rakyat muslim kat msia nih…seb bek laa aku tak suka makan sushi…tapi aku makan gak Japan Stall kat S.Alam Mall..orang melayu kita punya…home made sendiri…and HALAL…hahaha…tu jer le kot…lepas ni, kena warn muslims bout “KONON HALAL” restaurant such as
    TGI and CHILIS…

    ps: Tadi gi WENDYS and Popye, sja2 tnya pasal Halal cert dorang…ada, tapi heran, dorang tak pamer, supervisor tu simpan kat dlm opis..apsal tak pamerkan?? low standard ke nanti??? Sushi king, herm…mintak sijil halal, dorang cakap tak tahu…tanya kat manager…manager ckp kat HQ…aper laa…
    (hari ni aku berlakon jadi rakyat biasa jer…tgk kaum2 muslimin yg dok belasah segala restoran yg “KONON HALAL” dkt Pyramid..lebey kurang gak kat KLCC…sedey laaa rasa hati ni…

  18. ikhwan nazri says:

    saya masih menunggu pengesahan yang en nazrey ini benar benar pihak dari Jakim. takut boleh jadi situasi pekerja/competitor khianat. dan yang pasal shogun lak, saya benar2 pernah masuk. dimsum/itik dia disertakan sijil leh tengok kat tempat nak amek makanan tu.

  19. Amir Hakim says:

    aik..baru aku pasan nama blogger ni sama ngan pegawai Jakim tuh..hahaha…ok2..
    Nazri, rasanya, kebanyakan restoran, terus malas nak apply2 nih, lagipun, jakim kuasa dia terhad gak..diorang bukan polis…nak apply bende2 macam ni, makan tahun laa..bukan suruh dorang abai tanggungjawap laa kan..but, common sense la…takkan laa bende semudah ni pun nak kena ajar lagi?? manja giler rakyat or mengada2 betol rakyat muslim kat malaysia ni…bukan ke time skolah guru2 agama dah pesan mcm2…takkan laa bende simple camni nak kena buat kempen menelan ratusan ribuan ringgit? or nak kena paksa ambik non halal tag tuh? tak silap aku, yg boleh dipaksa ambik tag tuh, kalau dorang jual PORK shj…common sense la kan, org buat bisnes bro…takkan nak rugi..peratusan ramai melayu makan, kalau letak non halal tag, gulung tikar laa dorang sudahnya….kita makan ikan salai pun dah makruh…herm..

  20. Amir Hakim says:

    betol bro…memang mungkin ada kebenaran kata2 ko tu…(harap2 sijil betol laa)…tapi, kita kena tgk pelbagai sudut, apa sebab tak halal? kenapa kena tolak halal tuh? syubhah kalau kita masuk kat tempat mcm tu..kena ambik kire aspek2 ni bro…bende2 nih, jadi darah daging kite bro…

  21. Amir Hakim says:

    ehh sori2..ikan kukus kembong kat pasar..hahahahaha…ikan salai lak….

  22. Amir Hakim says:

    Dim sum n Itik tu mungkin betol dari HALAL Source…but, cara masakan? perencah2? dia perap pakai apa? stock ayam dari mana? mcm2 benda woo nak letak…hanya CHEF tu jerr yg tahu…

  23. hendra says:

    Salam, by the way most the japanese restaurant are not halal, last time am
    one of the chef in japanese restaurant,no star till five star hotel,(every restaurant yg u all mention tu aku pernah kerja dan siasat.. like sakae, famous at sgpore’ baru la dia buka branch di mlaysia, so far i still remember all the product is use. contoh MIRIN, SAKE, SHOYU, SWEET SHOYU, VINEGER, AND etc..
    all the product comfirm non Halal Beb, the basic of making all the product they use it” kalau tak how to make sushi rice if “without vineger” Souces If “without Mirin sake & shoyu” offcourse eat sushi kena makan dgn rice, cuma yang buat every sushi restaurant nampak “MACAM HALAL” because of staff major malay “muslim” tu yg kita terpedaya.. so kalau want to more info boleh pm me at (boleh la share info sedikit sebanyak ttg sushi jer)coz i want to run from this mater la i move out, now syukran am self employee” to all yg working at sushi restaurant do not mad at me, just sharing information.. TQ

  24. cik puan nahrul says:


    isu halal / haram dah lama. actually JAKIM boleh publish every mth / updated list dlm newspaper supaya public tau / aware.

    lg satu, klu mana2 co. nak buka restoran atau memohon lesen jualan makan Islam kering / basah atau dimasak, PERLU dapat kelulusan JAKIM baru boleh kasi lesen. so, bila JAKIM ‘ketatkan’ baru boleh cite nak jadikan M’sia HALAL HUB in Asia Pacific yg kita dok uar2 kan!

    part ni dua Kementerian : Hal Ehwal Agama Islam & Pengguna kena kerjasama sbb yg ni bukan perkara enteng sbb melibatkan agama Islam..

  25. pencintaagama says:

    o..u all boleh google je…direktori halal…so tau company mana yang ada halal atau tdk..skang niekan semua IT…

  26. ikhwan nazri says:

    dah google. tapi extremely verified source masih perlu. apepun sudah mula mengelak sushi. thanks.

  27. salimah says:

    ni sekadar nk tanye. nk tau je, sbb kwn2 ramai mkn sushi.
    1. encik nazri jakim tu kate Shogun,Sakae,Tenji. takde sebut sushi king pun.
    sbb sushi king claim 3 dishes die non-halal. vineger yg org ckp diorang guna tu pun, vineger ade 2 jenis, 1 ade sake, satu xde. yg ade sake org barat je selalu guna. jd mcm mane kompem sushi king pakai yg ade sake? coz kalau ade, diorang sure masukkan sekali bersame2 3 dishes non-halal tu,diorang berani claim ade mknn diorang xleh mkn oleh muslim.
    2. kalau mkn tempat yg ade jual arak haram@syubhah.
    mase belajar hadith 10 golongan yg terlibat(syubhah) dgn arak tu..membeli
    barang dikedai yg jual arak – tak termasuk dlm golongan yg terlibat dgn arak.ikut hadith.
    kalau terlibat, supermarket tesco jusco carefour billion kedai2 kecik yg jual arak,haram la masuk utk beli roti@telur@surat khabar? sbb ade jual@serve arak. btw menjual,membuat&mendapat hasil dr arak tu yg terlibat dlm golongan syubhah tu.
    bukan la fanatik ngn sushi king pun tp, tgk perbincangan mcm xclear, kompem. sekadar..”pandai2 la…common sense la..atau..pade pndgan sy…atau..kalau boleh elakkan” –ni sume xkompem

  28. hanna says:

    coz next week ader appointment ngn bos kat sane..
    please reply ASAP

  29. tekong says:

    hanna – maaf tak sure

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  31. Memo says:

    so is it halal or not? oh my god for 2 years I’m eating there oh my god !!!! but i did ask them about the sushi and chicken they said its halal !! so ?? I’m confused please tell me .. thank you

  32. cayangalin says:

    betpo la..sakae sushi memang tak hala..i penah call tanya one of their branch hala ke tak..then she said halal..then saja nak test i tanya u ada letak sakae tak masa u masak..dia cakap ofcoz la letak nama pon dah sakae sushi..then i terus cakap..tak halal la tu..sakae tu kan arak..hen dia terus terdiam…hmmmm..rupanya
    masih ramai rakyat malaysia (bukan islam) yang tak faham erti halal dalam islam..

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