15Malaysia goes to Pusan International Film Festival

Got news from Naomi (P1, ruumz ) that the much applauded, most inspiring 15Malaysia short films is making it’s way to Pusan, Korea. Pusan International Film Festival is pretty big festival for filmmakers. What’s more the 15 films made it’s way to screen. So I’m a bit curious on how was the international, or at least, Koreans acceptance towards the film

You see because some part of it deals with our community. And it’s gonna be interesting to see the feedback to that film. Me myself liked The Tree, Slovak Sling and, easily said, almost all of them I liked. I wonder if after Pusan, 15 Malaysia will be going to Cannes. At least the international can get a grasp of what Malaysia is, according to 15 person.

Follow 15Malaysia updates at Pusan here. Congratulations 15 Malaysia, P1 and Ruumz!

Oct 2009

One Response to : 15Malaysia goes to Pusan International Film Festival

  1. Obefiend says:

    goodluck to them

    at least its a better entry from malaysia than those hantus and rempits movie

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