Wake up lah

There’s a lot of blogging tools out there and Tumblr shines today -the founder is the finalist for Best 2009 Young Entrepreneur Award.  But I don’t fking got why the judge of one of the grants on last Monday fail to comprehend when we ( my team ) decide to built our own CMS to use. Tumblr might born because of the easiness and that same reason why we need to develop a new CMS for our own product.

And by not using existing CMS ( in example WordPress, Joomla, whatever more ) that does not mean we want to bash/badmouthing/ their product, or we said their product never good. We never did anyway. We want something that can fit us, why not spend some time develop our own CMS that will scale according to our will. A thing that if something goes wrong, we know how to fix it. Why would if you, a burger seller, give a Big Mac when the customer wants just a beef burger? And he really doesn’t need a Big Mac to satisfy and end his hunger? And as the way our company ( flavert ) sees it, if the client want’s a double cheese burger but use the quarter pounder patty and then add in pepper in between and have to put Maggi seasoning sauce in the center of the beef patty and also lettuce that been dipped with lemon sauce and some mint powder.. wait, that time you realize you didn’t prepared for mint powder.

and that’s why we wanted to build our own CMS. Unless if the client asking specifically said that he wanted a Joomla Website, that’s more straight to the point. Often, it’s not.

And I wonder if really someone getting married would put their wedding website as – http://imgettingmarried.wordpress.com ?

at least that wouldn’t be me even I’m stingy.

Now I’m just waiting for the results next week. Don’t worry I’m not giving up :)

Update: results out, we failed, epic fail :p

Oct 2009

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  1. sarakay says:

    Ni grant untuk apa? Anyways, GOOD LUCK!!!

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