Poor Anubis

Syia said that her mother said ->

If you’re (female) looking for husband, see how his reaction to kids and how he care for his car. How his reaction to kids will reflect his feelings which is important for you to raise the kids later on. And the latter, see how he treat his car. A car is actually hard to maintained. It requires frequent maintenance, check-ups and washes + shines to make it look better. More over, it requires money to maintain a car. So those man with money, can maintain a car, can maintain you.

So if you see the way he’s treated his car, then it’s the most likely how you’ll be treated, disregard the size and type of the car.

I hand-wash my (father-give-his-old) car but I occasionally send my car to to wash. Was that equivalent to sending wife to facials or hair treatment? 😛 But now Anubis requires a major repair. His front suspension/arm/bar/whatever has been wearing out and that makes it a bit dangerous to drive on an uneven roads that full of holes. There’s a possibility of a ‘break’. And the cost might rising up to RM3k

ohmaigod, im so brok, looks like still can’t buy PS3.

Afterall, I still need to repair it. Without him, I can’t travel much faster or farther away from KL. Been using him for almost 2 years since December 2007,  and he’s been serving the family since 1998, almost 10 years. Throughout that time, we have upgraded the engine last 3 years and re-painted it last 2 years before I’m using it. While you may view it as ‘depreciation asset’, I have no choice but to use that car. The payment already settled and if I’m going to purchase a new car, this house doesn’t have ample parking space, plus, it’s only two drivers in my family (me and my dad) so having a third car would be a waste. So before my brother could live by themselves or can afford to maintain the car, I simply can’t buy any car. Discussed with my family, they agree to gave some money but I have to be responsible for another 3/4 bills.

Ah well, looks like I have to control my budget later.

Oct 2009
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  1. Firdaus says:

    Hmm… “I hand-wash my (father-give-his-old) car but I occasionally send my car to to wash” is probably equivalent to most of the time you will follow your wife shopping but sometimes you just go send her and hang out at the cafe.

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    odin – takde lah. dalam enjin mcm mana nak tunjuk daaaaa

    firdaus – thought the other way around = you go shopping.. I malas nak ikut I tunggu kat kedai kopi hahaha

  3. kruel74 says:

    A car is a bad investment in your early career year. Take it from me who have work for 12 years. Bought a brand new BMW in 2007, sold it after 2 years n I consider it a bad investment. Read ‘Millionaires Next Door’ on how to buy cars (n a few other things). Following that book’s advice now

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    kruel74 -agree with you. since I’m still a small startup, having even a mid-level car would be a burn in a pocket at the moment. have to wait until company move on further than stable 😀

  5. pecal says:

    buying a car is always a ‘bad’ investment. nasib baik perdana kau dh setel bayar. kalau blum, might as well tukar jer kereta baru. dh berjenis kereta proton kt rumah aku..after 5 yrs mmg die akan start rosak2.

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    pecal – huhu lamborghini ada rosak tak ? :p

  7. imin macho says:

    tu lah mmg keter ni bad investment… instalment myvi saye je pun dah sakit bayar bulan2… tp apakan daye.. kene ade kerete gak..

  8. ikhwan nazri says:

    imin – eh bukan imin loaded ke myvi takkan sakit kot?

  9. sue says:

    hehe.. aku pakai keta skrg.. tp aku tak taw lgsg nk maintain.. haha tp tak bermakna kan tak bole maintain husband sendiri..

    heh.. aku tak paham pon ape saleman tu citer kt aku.. aku punya moto hidup “bawak dan bayar”

  10. ikhwan nazri says:

    sue – ye ke ? tp rasanye maintain husband from women point of view memang senang, sebab kalo laki cakap ‘salahnya A’ maka jawapannya ‘A’ dan pompuan kena jawab A je.

    tapi banding kalo dari lelaki, kalo pompuan cakap ‘salahnya A’, tak semestinya jawapan dia ‘A’. silap haribulan kena dua tiga kali try so maintain kereta, at least senang difahami dari maintain isteri wakakaka.

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