Kiasu Singaporean Girl? , Victor Fly Me to Stafford

One of my favorite tips to debug/rest myself is by googling to the song that I’m listening. So I’ve googled this song and found a particular word, Singapore. Now, previously I have a Malay roomates which is one of his parents is Malay Singaporean. He always talk about Singapore. Singapore this Singapore that.. so  I called him Kiasu. Always wanted to win LOL. Bla bla bla.. So.. really.

===lyrics = My Little Airport: Victor, Fly Me To Stafford
This is the last song I write for you.
This is the last night I think of you.
Your name is Victor Ching, what do you do?
I phoned you this morning you couldn’t hear me, I sent you letter you couldn’t receive.
It’s my favorite game, but I have changed.
It’s too late to say I miss you Victor Ching, and you are on your way to Stafford in UK.
I know it’s too late to say I’m fond of you.
You’ve got a girl from Singapore who you didn’t like before.
I love you when you no longer love me.
I need you when you no longer need me.
You wanted me, but you have changed already.
It’s too late to say I miss you Victor Ching…


And that Victor got a Singaporean girl LOL. of course it’s unrelated but being Kiasi in me, I can’t stop but Kiasu words come to my head reminds me of my previous roomate LOL. Of course I didn’t know that girl malay chinese indian whatever, but that’s hilarious, at least for me wahhahaha.

Trust me that I didn’t hate Singapore and Singaporeans. Like what a Chinese taxi-driver-uncle who is from Penang but resides in Singapore told me, “Malaysia and Singapore were brothers”, not much difference. He miss to come back to Malaysia and I miss to visit Singapore again.

Are we human? are we denser?

Oct 2009

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