Guide to give a hamper-gift

My dad receive 2 hampers from his business friend. The hamper is a gift for this raya. So we decide to opened it, both of the hampers since it’s so big. So we decide to open the first hamper, the biggest one, that was delivered in a big box. And this picture below is the pics of the hamper.


It’s pretty tall mind you. 1 meter tall I would say. So when we opened, utter shock for the contents

It has a lot of empty areas around the hamper. Just that the way they arrange it make it taller. So this is the contents of this first big hamper.


Look when we open the chocs


We all gone o_O. For that size of box we could got a Belgian Chocolate branded – Guylian whatever at Duty Free shop for a lot more pieces.


Tall pagoda peanut but packed in sealed tight


And this is the tall container of Kuih Bangkit / Coconut cookies but has just 2 packs of it.


and this is the string gummy. For this, we were satisfied. but above all, this picture below is the only contents of the first hamper.


Oh there’s a sparkling juice and coffeemix 3 in 1. Another thing is Bika Cuttlefish but not big. Try to use your imagination. That tall hamper maybe priced at 150-200 including delivery. Red basket included.

And now for the second hamper, shorter by 20-30 cms.


So this is the hamper.. a bit shorter.


And see their base. They’re using just a cardboard. But let’s look when we pulled out one of the content.


And see the structure. Not a useless thing to put a lychee can there.


Yam Cookies. A LOT!!!


This is kinda Kit-Kat but much more heavenly. The chocolate tastes like Milo Bar and the wafer inside more dense. Like Nini – Coklat – Celup sticks.


See see.. a lot and reasonable sizes too.


Tigerich like a coco crunch.


Cookies stick. Unsure how much of it when we open it. but seems worthwhile to eat.


For this jellies, we’re pretty disappointed. pretty small for a big box.

From this second hamper, we conclude that most of the item from a brand SweetKiss. Most of the food inside that hamper carry that brand. But pretty tasty.

So below is the comparison of two hampers


Left = 1 meter tall hamper. Right = 80 cm hamper.

Now despite my dad receive this hamper for free, why he complaints?

He said that, people should got what they paid for. Imagine paying 150-250 for a big hamper and doesn’t get what you hope for. That big hamper, is obviously by order. The shorter hamper was purchased by the person himself and he gave to my dad.  For much lesser price ( assumption ) the quality was much higher than the tallest hamper.

My dad felt that his friend has been conned with that huge hamper.

So he advised that if we’re going to buy hamper as a gift, check the contents and make sure it’s worth every penny. So that the receiver can appreciate the value.

P/S: holy smokes such a messy living room :p btw one of our neighbors in my crib passed away. Al-Fatihah for him.

Sep 2009

3 Responses to : Guide to give a hamper-gift

  1. pecal says:

    la standard la..mostly brg2 dlm hamper nih brand2 yg ayam2 jer. yg brand elok2 tuh yg kau nampak dari luar. isi2nye sume tah hape2.

  2. pecal says:

    nway, kalau nak bli hamper..bli kt supermarket yg ade name mcm billion, bintang ke..sbb salunye diorang mmg letak list brg2 dlm hamper tuh kt kite buleh tau ape isinye.

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    pecal – aku setuju.. beli kat supermarket dapat tengok isi + list list barang yang dia include kan .

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