Boys Bukapuasa 2009 – Shogun Japanese Buffet

Update 21 May 2010 =  i got a commentar, Mr Nazrey from JAKIM and he stated that Shogun, Sakae, Tenji uses alcohol/sake in their recipe. To avoid dispute, I’m going to put the post in ’spoiler mode’ and to retain truthfulness of this post. It is advisable for any Japanese food lovers to check Halal status after this. This applies for me too. His comments can be read in my Sakae Sushi Review here.

To read the original post, click the spoiler tag.

I am unsure Mr Nazrey here is a legit representative from Jakim or not, but to avoid confusion and to avoid more muslims eating non-halal food, I took a safer step. For me, why don’t Jakim enforce this Sushi joints a NON-HALAL tags. Just like the others.

original post
Let the picture talks

11092009731 2scale600

Table cover

11092009732 2scale600

First round. Sushi with Chuka Idako at the right. All of these sushi tastes heavenly. It’s not like sushi king and also not like at Jusco. iskandar agrees with me. The salmon doesn’t tastes like from Jusco or Sushi King. It’s really tasty. Chuka Idako is the baby squid. You can find it in Takoyaki. I have two plates actually. I ate around 18++ sushi :p Then, after 18 sushi.. I think I’m already full. Now I realize one thing. If normal buffet, I just took a half-scoop of rice, which is too little because want to savour all the dishes but here I think I just made a huge mistake.

Houston, kita ada masalah! ( if you still didn’t know about Meter, acted by Khairy Jamaluddin )

11092009733 2scale600

The problem with 18 sushi is that every sushi has a rice..18 sushi = I think equals 2 scoop of rice and i’m darn full like a fool. So I end up eating ice-cream and went for Dawn Prayer ( maghrib ) before continue for third round.

11092009734 2scale600

So after prayer, I’ve took plates of Tempura dishes and fried based food. It’s pretty unique Japanese food, and Buffet means all you can eat.

11092009735 2scale600

and here above is the Fear Factor – Fresh oysters. The lemon was meant to wash away the… fishy feeling of the oyster. Not for weak-heart as you might throw up. I survived but Muaiz is the king, 3 oysters.

And of course, gathering without group photos, is pointless gathering

11092009738 2scale600

L > R = Muaiz, Yap, Paie gurun, ezaffie, orell, lokman ( pointing poster, noxus’s friend ) noxus, iskandar, afifi,noxus gang too, me, orell’s brother

For me, it’s totally worth it but not coming soon LOL. same with my comment on Cheng Ho Chinese Muslim Restaurant. Pretty expensive and their price speaks for their wide choices of food. Next year perhaps.

P/S: just realize this fact. Following the customary of Boys Buka Puasa gathering, this year we’re missing someone. Syazwan, the newly-wed couple. And last year ( at Marche, 2008 ), Syazwan was there but Sabau wasn’t there because he already married. Sabau was in the gang in the previous year during Buka puasa gathering 2007. So next year will we lost another one? Will this a last gath for someone (which we hope not ) LOL! Don’t worry sabau and syazwan, no hard feelings and ‘no small heart’ from us BUT YOU GUYS HAVE TO OPEN HOUSE RAYA!

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12 Responses to : Boys Bukapuasa 2009 – Shogun Japanese Buffet

  1. nesca says:

    silap besar la aku baca post ni pagi²..

  2. Noxus says:

    haha thx for the review tekong. And yes The Open House Raya Convoy gonna be great this year becoz lots of our gang already married 😀

  3. Fahmishah says:

    Aku belum pernah lagi berbuka puasa di luar kecuali surau belakang rumah.

  4. bali says:

    Berapa kos buffet ni? Kalau ok, esok aku buka sana.

  5. faiz says: jugak la.. aku jakun first time makan suhsi (hahah rasa tak bleh blah ><!!..lebih2 lagi wasabi..).Makanan lain semua best!!!Betul kata tekong nak makan kena setahun sekali jerk.. kalau ada nak belanja.. 3 tahun sekali apa salahnya..haha.

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    nesca – wahhahahah lapar la tu

    noxus – rumah2 takleh miss = syazwan, syed, edry, sabau, dan smer tertakluk nanti.

    fahmishah – aku kat mmu dulu masjid tu jela haha

    bali = 67 termasuk tax n service charge

    faiz = ko nak cakap 3 kali setahun ke atau betul 3 tahun sekali hahah

  7. faiz says:

    haha..silap taip la.. setahun 3 kali… haha..

  8. syazwan says:

    Sorry sahabat2 sekalian. Memang nak pergi, tp sekarang susah sikit nak suka2 keluar macam dulu, huhu. But don’t worry, open house nanti semua dijemput datang!!! 😀

  9. orellex says:

    heheh….cool laa tekong…

  10. ikhwan nazri says:

    syazwan – make sure open house ada kambing panggang sekor!

    orell – hns hns :p

  11. zafee says:

    sebak aku baca entry kali ni..

  12. ikhwan nazri says:

    zafee – Waddehel apsal sebak sebak ni!

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