Lucky me

Sometimes I always speechless and can’t think of how Allah destined our life to be, even though we as human actually have control towards our decision. In Islam, your path of life actually already written in Lauh Mahfuz ( it’s a book, but not exist in this world ) but still, we didn’t know about our future and I didn’t know what happen in next 5 minutes. Each of your decision, if there’s yes or no, still lead to your destiny.

I registered for SOTA conference last week for morning session to know travel industry needs. But the iPhone lucky draw banner catch me there. But again, I was called by them to attend the afternoon session for developers. Still I registered but my egoistic side said, the real important one is the morning session. On that same day last week I was contacted by one Training School needed me to absorb a certain training subjects being teached yesterday and today ( tuesday & wednesday ). So I’m totally puzzled, on last week, wednesday. Which one should I pick?

A) Attending SOTA conference for afternoon session

B) Attending the 2-day training subjects

I decided to attend the training.

When I came to the training I understand the gravity of the situation, as it was a gamble that I may be needed for next time training. It totally not bad afterall because meeting some interesting guys. The training ended at 3PM earlier. I decide to hang around Maju Junction. But then, thechannelc, thebackpackr, and zhiq twitted me that I just won the lucky draw at SOTA conference, the name announced and I wasn’t there.I won the travel tickets not the iPhone. If it was an iPhone, I must be damn sad.

Funny eh?

Lucky I’m in lucky day.

Aug 2009

4 Responses to : Lucky me

  1. oDiN says:

    so . pendek kata .. ko ni lucky ker x ?
    pening aku ..

  2. iskandar says:

    almost lucky.. kalo lucky mesti da dpt iPhone.. haha

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    is – hahahahhaha siut

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