Dream Diary 5

The dream starts with me in a sort of a hostel. I have 3 cloths and one of them is my Germany football jersey. The faces appear during that time shouting at me were some friends from MRSM. But then, there’s a raid and a lot of people rushing out quickly. I left something in my room so despite soldiers raiding our hostel, I still go to my room and took things, I forgot. Then, the chief commander of the raid came. His face much alike Hitler. I beg him for mercy but he still shot me three times. He shot me at head, where I cover with my hand, and two of my knees. I fall but realize it was a mercy shot, because he let me cover my head. But still I fall to the ground.

So I woke up ( not woke up in real life ) , I ride my old Jehuty. I think it’s like I’m at Taiping, and I just run through the red lights. At first I thought there’s no police but slowly, a police car tailgating me. The police car is like a futuristic car. It’s not the new Lancer Evolution but sorta. Afraid, I evaded them just like Need For Speed Most Wanted, by hiding into garage and park the motor alongside other motorcycle. Phew.

Then, I went upstairs to some sort of Cybercafe but didn’t enter. I took a nap just at the bench like a homeless person. Woke up, going down the stairs and police found my motorcycle. Bravely I go meet them to negotiate. The police girl looks like a Philippine girl.  Even though I negotiated, I still got summon and need to pay tomorrow. Since I need to pay tomorrow, I go to nearby mosque again. Fell asleep. Woke up in the next morning, and ‘qada’ my Isyak ( if you accidentally didn’t pray at the time allocated, you can pray at the next time allocated ) During this time, there’s a lot of students come and praying Duha, a solat sunat before Noon ( zohor ) prayers.

As I walk out from the mosque, there’s a foreigner, seems like Jean Reno, greets me in Islamic Greeting, Assalamualaikum. The scenery pretty modern with fountain in the center. Then, some commotion happens and as I rush to the nearby hut where people gather, I met this one chinese boy saying that ‘in Ragnarok, if you play by Party, where you can share experience, you have to pay for certain MYR ‘

I go WTH!. Then, in my hand there’s a map of Ragnarok Dungeon, I decide to go to desert, where it has low level monster.

And my memory stops here.

=========real things/points in life========

  1. I didn’t care much about football or soccer, but I support Germany during world cup 2002. That time in MRSM, someone bulk the Jersey for each country so I didn’t want to miss the hype of it, I ordered from my friend Germany jersey.
  2. Being shot in my dream is what scares me. Long time ago, I dream I being shot inside lift. The moment the door opens, a gun direct to my head, blasting my brains out of the skull. Sheesh. If I’m the first-person-viewer, it’s even more scary.
  3. I’ve being summoned for 2 times on my motorcycle. One for not wearing helmet and another one for not turn on the front lights. But I’m a big no for running over red lights. Oh and Need For Speed Most Wanted is the BEST NFS EVAR~!
  4. If there’s a Cybercafe that I need to go upstairs to play games, it must be Biawak at Taiping. In Taiping during my times, there’s Helmi Cybercafe, Buaya beneath Wisma Palaniappan and another small cybercafe is upstairs. Since we didn’t know the name, we name it as Biawak. Drived from popular word-mention game Buaya-Biawak-Buaya-Biawak. ( Buaya = crocodile , Biawak = Lizard )
  5. Last Friday at Pavilion I saw a Philippine girl. ( no she isn’t pretty – of course la you guys would say ‘this fella only remember pretty girls’ ) and lastlast friday I met a Lancer Evolution owned by Police Malaysia and will be used for Pursuit.
  6. During my SAMTEN days, most of my classmate will fast on Monday and Thursday. During our half-hour break, we’ll went to Surau to do ‘Dhuha’ Prayers. Inside paper today, there’s a press release of an excellent student said that her secret to success is by doing Solat Dhuha
  7. I was a hardcore Ragnarok player. Where my life is just class-ragnarok-class-ragnarok.
Aug 2009
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5 Responses to : Dream Diary 5

  1. ikhwan nazri says:

    luth – taklah. orang KL ;p

  2. 31o5 says:

    nested – lovely structure 😀
    please update #dreamstock as well, tag and categorize your dream :)

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    31o5 – submitted! glad you like mine hehe.

  4. Fahmishah says:

    Huh! Ragnarok, lama siot tak main~

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