Scary good

“You have a talent, but it comes with a sacrifice, believe me. It’s time for you to realize, that talent, it doesn’t belong to just you anymore.” – Cal Lightman, Lie To Me.

Then FriendFeed talent now belongs to Facebook, for 50 Million.

I wonder how much my talent is?

Priceless? Two meanings. One is nearly zero.. another one means infinite. Means you can’t simply have it. But both scares me. If it’s nearly zero, means I’m hopeless, and if it’s infinite, people put high hopes on me. Both situation scares me.  And if I really wanted to be talented, I have to realized when I’ve became to talented, I might need to made sacrifices, of which I didn’t know yet how big or small the sacrifices would be. But I don’t want to sacrifices anything and that leads to being untalented, useless prick. But I don’t want to become useless prick, and I don’t want to sacrifices anything, either.

Then I must be a damn greedy prick.wait.. What Yoda said.. Let go. Learn to accept.

Alhamdulillah, Thank Allah for everything. I should be grateful when I woke up next morning.

Al-Fatihah, Rest in Peace Asri, Rabbani Vocalist.

P/S: Scary good is a word uttered by Ria Torres towards Cal Lightman, in Lie To Me series. I’m not good enough, not yet :p

Aug 2009

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