Pokenistas, design your card!

This is example why you should design your Poken-Card


Which one you see first?

If you ask me, my answer would be April Yim. Simply because her card is a bit different from others.

And if you were thinking to get a personalized Poken-card, download my Poken Card templates (PSD). i’ve put some guides about Header placement, picture and what not. Tried to put some sort of picture frame behind my pic but it turns out funny so I remove it.

The picture above is the picture of my Poken Control panel. After you poken-ed with other poken-users, their details will be updated in your poken databaste. So yesterday I went to Poken-Meetup at Chawan, Bangsar and poken-ed with Nikicheong the host, Mahyuni, Jason Smashpop, Suanie, April Yim, Horng, Derek, Chan Ling, Nigel Yap, Carolyn Chan, and lastly, Josh Lim. Rames also there but left early. Eh another one, Icednyior. Girl where’s your Poken how come not appear one?  -___- Of course, now that I have their profile, I can see their links like twitter, facebook, linkedIN, flickr and many more. The best thing is, I never have to jot it down!


Apparently, Derek still give name cards to some of us so beat the purpose of it :p Of course, Business cards still more ‘business side’. Time will tell when Poken-trend will spreads over and replace traditional name cards. Looking forward to have more Pokenistas here.

Currently I only knew 3 people who has that Ninja Poken. Picture above is mine. Another two, Praveen and Mikefoong has it. Woot!

Aug 2009

2 Responses to : Pokenistas, design your card!

  1. Praveen R. says:

    Thanks for the resources. I guess it’s high time we start a Ninja Poken exclusive club :p

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    praveen – haha it will end once it become mainstream :p

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