12:34:56, 7/8/9

Tomorrow is this day,

on 12noon, 34 minutes, 56 seconds, 7 august 2009 = 12:34:56 , 7/8/9

And being a technological geek ( or self-proclaimed of ) I wanna pull this thing.

How about on that time, it’s a lunch time, we come to KL Sentral ground floor where the entrance/counter for Putra RapidKL and Komuter, in front McDonalds, don’t gather, but set our clocks to alarmed at 12:34:56, 7/8/9 and when it ticks, we just look up for 30 seconds. or if you unsure which time to refer, just see the time ticking at Komuter clocks, 12:34:56, 7/8/9. No need to freeze or what. Just look up. If we’re nearby with each other, person who didn’t know will automatically look up, and a possible chain reaction will happen. For best effect, pull your friends too and just look up for 30 seconds.

And I need your best help in spreading this message. Of course it maybe just once in a life time, lol. Come on just 30 seconds.

Then, after 30 seconds, maybe if we want to meet can go in front Secret Recipe. there’s a large area there.. well that’ if you want to meet. I need to rush to Friday Prayer after that.

But try to think of this, 30 seconds pranks and try to glance how many people follow you 😛

Oh if you feel uncomfortable or it isn’t safe, try do it for 10-15 seconds only. but if u pull 2-3 friends and look up together, it may pull others too. I don’t want to gather in large groups, afraid we’re breaching some laws.

Photographers can camp out from the second floor to see reactions.

If you’re in, please comment or tweet me @tekong

Aug 2009

6 Responses to : 12:34:56, 7/8/9

  1. Sham Hardy says:

    that is awesome la dude, u’re in?

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    sham hardy – since I pulled this out, I should be there la :p

  3. fecraze says:

    so, did it happen?

    shame i didn’t know… would’ve been there ;p

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    fecraze – nope it didnt. oi takde facebook ke nak tag gambar ko masa muda lah

  5. fecraze says:

    hoho… jgn nak tag2 eh…
    for this reason, i dont have facebook, lol
    malas la nk hop on the bandwagon that is facebook… its not like i’ll have the interest to maintain it pun ^^;;

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    fecraze – i don’t ask u to maintain. I ask you to connect :p

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