Meet Koga, my Poken


Thanks to Carolyn, I got my Ninja Poken. Wooot!. Named him ( looking at the fierce appearance, it must be male ) Koga, the leader of Fuschia City Gym, Kanto region in Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, and Silver. Koga also is a Ninja student and using Poisonous Pokemon.And I at the moment, playing Pokemon Emerald :p

This is my Pokenamecard


And I’ve created a Poken Card template for you to edit ( Download Poken Card Template in PSD ) In the template you can find I’ve allocated some guides and also areas for you to define your header, company logo placement.

What is Poken you may ask? Poken is just like a namecard, where when you ‘High Four!’ another poken, your contact details will be transferred into that Poken-ed user. So we didn’t waste our namecards plus, when we go back to our laptop, just plug into the USB hub and all contacts will be updated. You can see his Twitter ID, Facebook Urls, Linkedin Profile, and many more, including Friendster mind you.

Cool enough to have one 😀 but now I have to find more people with Poken. As far as I know within my twitter, it maybe still less than 100 people in Malaysia have this stuff.. Well I’m speculating only.

For more info about Poken, click to their official website,

And read interesting scoops by Carolyn here for possible ideas and insights on how far Poken can go

Aug 2009

9 Responses to : Meet Koga, my Poken

  1. IcedNyior says:

    Eee..dia sudah beli poken.

  2. aman says:

    bape sen bro? nak beli di mana ea?

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    icednyior – hehe belila belila

    aman – dpt beli RM60.. ada yg jual RM70.. tapi tak meluas lagi menda ni. nak beli try twit @nikicheong atau @kenloo

  4. janggout says:

    menatang cmtu pn ade ke.
    jmpe kt ank buah aku mau die telan je. haha

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    janggout – mende itam mcm coklat mcm nak telan je hahah

  6. topo says:

    tetiba rasa macam budak umur 110 tahun.. jakon nak mainan… hhohoh nak2 poken..

  7. topo says:

    hahahah typo plak.. nak tulis budak umur 10-11 tahun..

  8. ikhwan nazri says:

    topo – adakah ko tengah hesaited? :p

  9. Hello, just doing some research for my Pokemon website. Amazing the amount of information on the web. Not quite what I was looking for, but nice site. Have a good day.

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