The negative side of being on your own

No one to tell you this is wrong

No one to tell you what should’ve been done

And worst ever if whatever wrong doings you’ve committed whether it’s intentionally or accidentally will be channeled and directly go to either client, or supplier, or any parties that’s not within your circle, team, or company. Even it’s accidentally, the other parties never sees that. The other parties will see our weaknesses. The other parties will see ourselves as an asshole, well that’s at least for me.

And I’ve felt that this happens today. The worst thing is, like Magneto said to Wolverine in X-Men 3: The Last Stand.

“You’ll never learn”

I stress towards myself because I’ve did almost the same problem to the same client for the second time. If I were working under another manager, that manager scold me, I hate him for one two days and then it’s finish. Of course, professional way.

But now that I blame myself, it’s a moebius/infinity loop.

I should learn to double check, triple check, quadruple check  -___-!!

P/S: of course I still with the company lah. the statement means when the decision/assignment/project is you do on your own but for the company for the win

Jul 2009

6 Responses to : The negative side of being on your own

  1. Bat says:

    Don’t be sad, in fact,I learned a lot from you(regarding freelancing lah).

    p/s: Ah mari lepak di restoran kari kepala ikan(lagi!). =D

  2. Mike Tee says:

    Coming from the IT industry – I understand where you’re coming from. You can do 100 things correctly and no one cares, but one error or downtime, and you’ll be at fault! You’re right about the double-triple-check thing!

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    bat – bila nak wat gath infomalaya niii

    mike – 100 things correct and no one cares – love this word. thanks dude 😀

  4. iwani says:

    toughen up bro, being an entrepreneur and running ur own team is never easy.. congratulate urself for standing strong till this day.. the imperfections and mistakes we had to endure thruout our journey r the most valuable lessons that we cud never get elsewhere

  5. Emi says:

    Tekongg… sedih membaca post nih :(. Ur not an asshole keyh… I make mistakes too… Hey, at least u checked, jangan sampai terhabis print smua mmg in deep shit. Kesian ko dengan client sorang nih.

    – supplier..

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    iwani – this is school of hard knocks.. just that this time pretty hard it knocked me :) nonetheless.. i’m okay already 😀

    emi – maybe I just overreact

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