Meet Mutt

Bought Mutt to replace Shocky who now might serve his new illegal or lucky owner. Why I did say lucky? because ‘Finders Keepers’ and illegal to those worker, if they actually took it and denied that they ever saw it -_-


Meet Mutt, also known as Casio G-Shock G9000MS-1, Mudman Military Series. t’s Mud and Dirt resist and of course, Shock resist. I’m happy to tell you that this is the first watch that I bought for myself 😀 It features stealth/black matte series inspired by military properties. I

If I’m in Military, if I’m not the commander, I’d be commando who is everything about stealth, or, piloting fighter jets. I

I fancy everything black, multipurpose, heavy-duty, high-performance, and also automation. Automation as in example my umbrella pops out with a push of button, and a radio antenna will pops out from it’s base once the engine started, and Anubis has it. Fancy that.

Jul 2009

9 Responses to : Meet Mutt

  1. oDiN says:

    braper ko beli ?

  2. janggout says:

    jam sme ngn aku..
    tp aku pnye de celoreng hijau askar..
    lg smart dr ko pnye 😛

  3. Sham Hardy says:

    perghhhh! aku suka gila ngan G-shock collection!

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    odin – agak2? ;p

    janggut – ceh sama ngan ko eh.. aku tukar la :p

    sham hardy – ko ada g-shock mana ?

  5. faiz says:

    fuhh… casio mudman.. hari tuh tengok dlm kalau beli BULK.. harga dia rm 339.. berapa tekong hang beli?

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    faiz – kalo beli time bulk dapat 309. ni sbb dah habis bulk.. stock left over = 349.

    ada lagi satu model yg sebijik mcm aku nye tp military series.. kat luar jual 399.. mamat ni jual 299. ori lak tu. memang murah

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    silap.. beli time bulk dpt 339 hahah

  8. iskandar says:

    memula aku igt mutt == tuttt a.k.a censored… rupe2nyer mutt ==

  9. ikhwan nazri says:

    iskandar – hahah sampai situ lak dia

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