I just dream a dream in a dream

My sleep pattern breaks in two parts. After doing Sunrise prayer ( subuh ) usually i’ll sleep for 1-2 hours.. or at least 30 minutes.

And I just slept on 11 morning.

Inside that dream.. I was driving Anubis, my car. I’m at Singapore at that moment and saw a Starbucks. Being a fan of any pamphlets and the traffic light still red, I walked out from car to take the pamphlets and saw a Proton Gen 2, blocking the traffic and saw Singaporean police doing roadblocks. Panicked even i didn’t commit any crime, I came back inside and fasten my seat belt. Upon my turn, they told me to pull my car aside. The brakes is pretty slippery that moment so I slip to the front. There still police in front, but much younger, halted me. Then ask me to show my engine. After showing Anubis’s engine, actually there’s nothing wrong but just that I didn’t register my car at border inspection. And I answered that policeman

” I have no idea how come I drove here, without passport. I must be dreaming “

Since I didn’t have passport and can’t pay the fines, that the young policeman said “at least today must got 1000″ (asking for a bribe or summon??) , I was taken into custody, saw a cute policewoman. The second time I glanced her, She disappears, and I realize it was a dream, inside a dream.

When I woke up from that dream, I was at the same spot that I’ve pulled my car aside. But my car isn’t there. So I walked looking for my car.

Then my clients argues with me.. Then I woke up, in real world.

Real points/happenings in life

  1. I’m a fan of pamphlets.  I love to take any pamphlets and throw it, unless it seems worth it to keep it. Inside my Golly bag I have Subway pamphlet.
  2. I always wear a seat belt mind you.
  3. Yesterday there’s a flash flood in Malacca. Me and Anubis are one of the survivors parking in front K-Incubator MITC Malacca. The flood is up to my calf and since I have a meeting yesterday, I walk on bare feet to my car, crossing the flood, with Golly and Eruda at my back, covered by my trusty black umbrella. Lucky flood still didn’t reach the exhaust so I quickly pull Anubis to the road, find a safety and a bit high place to park my car. That time, the brakes is totally slippery >_<
  4. Anubis default engine have been changed from stock  engine that the maximum at 220KM/H (nonV6) to Mitsubishi V6 engine, which follows Japan rules, capped and maximized at 180KM/H. Unsure my dad have notified JPJ/Puspakom for changing the engine.
  5. I always have that moment when I saw a cute girl, when I took the second glance, I’ll wake up into real life. This time, it’s a dream inside a dream lol.
Jul 2009

5 Responses to : I just dream a dream in a dream

  1. marinamusfirah says:

    gile ah!! hahaha..

  2. Najib says:

    Bes gak …baik mimpi dlm mimpi jer…ko x penah tengok lg y movie psl mimpi dlm mimpi dlm mimpi dlm mimpi …demm

    x pernah rasa ke ckp benda y sama ulang2 ,nanti ko x tau aper maksud benda tu..

    mimpi tu aper?

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    marina – gile tak gile :p

    najib – ko cube tengok ni


  4. oDiN says:

    tanda tanda orang dah nak kahwin 😛

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    odin – aminnn! 😀 ( aminkan je memende baik hahah :p )

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