Bye Shocky, and Yasmin Ahmad

Today, I lost my watch because I accidentally left it at Shell Kesas toilet. It was pretty stupid to U-Turn at the Summit USJ interchange while I realized I left it just 1KM after driving away from Shell Kesas. I can park at the emergency lane, and ran away to get my watch, but I didn’t. Stupid me.

It was G-Shock DW 6900. It’s my dad’s gift to me. He got a lot of BonusLink points and give me a watch to wear. Everytime I scores in my exam, I think I got a watch. The first watch branded Jaga back in my primary school. Then, when I went to SAMTEN i forgot what watch I wear, or I might didn’t wear any but i remember drooling over classmates G-Shock with some G-Lide function.. whatever. I think between my Form 3 – Form 4, dad give me to wear his Citizen Kinetic, pretty big, and heavy, and have a lot of scratches. Disappointed by my act I think, he claimed a BonusLink point and gave me this watch, Casio G-Shock DW 6900. While you may view him as cheapskate, I never seen that way. Because he’s my dad, and I know him going through thick and thin.

the love story continues

So I start wearing this watch 2001. It’s been 8 years with him, my G-Shock. He’s been going through thick and thin with me, and really, the screen still scratch-less. I still can see person out of my point of view using it’s reflection. Replaced it’s genuine strap and battery for two times but the lights went out. It’s Made in Malaysia. You can see a strap on my hand because I always wearing it and you’ll see a band of white ring on my left hand. I’ve used it one or twice as a ‘hammer’ and it half way work. The best thing is, he helped me to be ‘on-time’, not too early and not too late, by setting the time 20 minutes in advance. Now you my clients know why either I’m always here before you, or why I occasionally delay the meeting for just 5-10 minutes later.

Because he helped me to plan my victory.

But now it left my hand, so I’d thought to say goodbye, even Shocky can’t read this, obviously. I have to swallow it, like what the soldier said in Band of Brothers, “Finders, Keepers”. It’s been 8 years with you. Don’t you worry, I’ll get your siblings to serve me, be it G-Shock or among your Casio relatives.

And another shocking story is, Yasmin Ahmad passed away.

Saw her in real life during TEDxKL. She was a humble person. Always amazed at her commercials during festivals. It’s a deep commercials. So let us say a prayer to her, Al-Fatihah, may her rest in peace. And this is one of her stunning ads.

Bye Shocky, and Yasmin Ahmad.

Jul 2009

7 Responses to : Bye Shocky, and Yasmin Ahmad

  1. Obefiend says:

    the question is dude

    who will pick up her tongkat? razak mohaiden? samsul penampor yusop? kabir “sob story” bathia? or my personal fevret

    RASHID SIBIR.. actually sibir aint bad..

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    obefied – maybe it’s up to the young guns after this.. woo ming jin.. ho yuhang.. indie film makers to evolve

  3. boris says:

    hummm…. dulu loloq, skg yasmin ahmad plak. dua2 meninggal sbb stroke/brain haemorrhage.

    btw, al-fatihah to both of ’em.

  4. Khai says:

    org berbakat selalu pergi dulu.. sob..

  5. Sham Hardy says:

    the only left director that we Malaysian can proud of is.. Afdlin Shauki. Although.. the last movie of him was kinda terrible, but… i hope he will produce great stuff in future. :(

    setuju dgn @Obefiend, kabir bhatia is a man with sob story ;p

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    boris – orang pandai smer sakit mcm ni kot huhu

    khai – yg tinggal smer kira tak berbakat :p

    sham hardy – afdlin shauki boleh rasanye.. baik punya cilok sampai tengok dua kali

  7. Najib says:

    talented people is usually unrecognized & unappreciated in malaysia…
    macam kawan aku ckp : iklan raya tahun ni mesti x best

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