The Missing Holiday

Today feels so wrong starting last night. SyazaLiyana started it by her twits questioning ‘is tomorrow (monday) a holiday’? And then Wonojo replied that tomorrow is Isra Mikraj. I even put a YM status ‘tomorrow is Isra Mikraj and why we didn’t get a holiday?’ The thing is I felt that in previous previous previous God know how many previous that on Isra Mikraj, we’ve used to have a holiday, at least a state holiday for Selangor. Like the same Wesak and Deepavali Day.

Yup. Living is Malaysia is blessed with a lot of holidays.

Then came along Rashid, telling me why it isn’t a holiday.

Rashid: The one who in Isra Mikraj is Prophet Muhammad only, n0t you. ( he ym-ed in malay: Pasal yang naik langit nabi je )

And I laugh real hard. So hard that knocks me that I only care about holiday.

So today is Monday. 20 July 2009. In Islamic Calendar, it’s 27 Rejab 1430 and today, for your information, is the day Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him/pbuh) traveled from Masjidil Haram in Mecca, to Masjidil Aqsa in Palestin. That part is called Isra, from Mecca to Al-Aqsa Mosque. . And then together with Jibril ( Angel ) and the Buraq ( a heaven animal ) He ascend to heaven and then met previous prophets namely Isa/Jesus (pbuh), Musa/Moses (pbuh), Ibrahim/Abraham (pbuh),  and then Allah.

There, at the Seventh Heaven, Allah command us to pray, 50 times a day. Yup kid you not, 50 times a day. Upon descending, Musa/Moses (pbuh) ask Muhammad (pbuh) what he get from Allah and Muhammad replied, pray 50 times a day.  “Muhammad, your people would not be able to abide that. They would not be able to cope!” Musa said.

So Muhammad (pbuh) went up again, with light in his heart, because he wanted to see God again. He did this quite a number of times, until he reached a compromise of praying five times a day. When Muhammad (pbuh) met Musa (pbuh) on his way down and told him, Musa shook his head and said,
I doubt that your followers would pray five times a day.

Muhammad (pbuh) said, “But God has told me this: that even though we pray five times a day, we would be rewarded as if we prayed 50 times a day.”

Then, it’s what we Muslims do right now, pray 5 times a day, Dawn ( subuh ), Afternoon ( zohor ), Evening ( Asar ), Sunset ( Maghrib ), Night (Isya )

Remember fellow Muslims, 27 Rejab = Isra Mikraj and let us remember our Prophet and Allah and do what has been asked to do.

P/S: I recommend this further reading, click here. go and read it :)

P P/S: Got a person told me that Isra’ Mikraj is a state holiday and it falls under State’s government jurisdiction. Oh well

Jul 2009

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