Dream Diary #4

Last night dream is pretty weird.

  1. I went to look for normal garments with a girl
  2. and that place suddenly transformed to a restaurant
  3. and then I served with nothing. The girl i went with got a Chicken roast a-la Kenny Rogers Quarter Meal
  4. as I walkaway from my table to ask where is my Beef steak, I found out my classmate of 03, maresmart, having some sort of reunion. They were shocked to find me there.
  5. and one of my female classmate, walk towards me, smiles and suddenly she appears like being haunted. Immediately I came to rescue her, by pinned her down and find some Imam.
  6. The imam ask me to go to the mosque to find some backup. I went and nearly use the female entrance at the back. Surprised, I went to the front entrace. but what I did is to pray first.
  7. And when i walk out, I saw my parents riding an old bicycle. those big with thin tires.
  8. I wanted to try the bicycle. But once I started cycling, it bounces, and it bounces real high till I’ve felt the clouds on my cheek.
  9. And I land into some english territory. Or it could be Dataran Merdeka 50 years ago.
  10. Since the bicycle punctured, I pushed the bicycle, to which the position and feels like old motorcycle workshop at Dengkil
  11. But the guy inside, the manager, is the manager of Motorcycle Workshop in Taman Kosas.
  12. He gave me some sort of liquid, covered in one bottle and one plastic, that has a hole,  but will not poured outside because that liquid in a holed plastic, in a bottle.
  13. And I think the dream stops here, or this is as much as I could recall my dream.

Real life points to ponder

  1. This week Transformers 2 will come to cinema
  2. I ate a Kenny Rogers Quarter meal with my little sis last week.
  3. I don’t think I have any crisis with my classmate.. at least I think like that.
  4. And there’s no one in class of 03 got sawan or what not.
  5. I cycled last week, using my dad’s bicycle.
  6. When I was at MMU, i serviced my motorcycle at the first shop alongside Jalan Dengkil, the one accessible from MMU.
  7. Now I’m at ampang, I serviced my motorcycle at the workshop in Taman Kosas.

Last but not least.. dream is devil’s play, some says.

Jun 2009

2 Responses to : Dream Diary #4

  1. oDiN says:

    herm . weird .. did sabau gave u too much work ?

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    odin – no, not too much work but work with too much headache

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