The Boston RM1 Promo

So for this week, starting last monday, I’ve been eating a lot of Boston. Been trying all of it except one, the Fish Grill. The promo is RM1 for Chicken Grill, Fish Grill, Beef Steak and Lamb Chop between 12pm-3pm and 6pm-9pm. The original price for those sets is RM24 plus garlic bread and mushroom soup. During this promo, those garlic bread and mushroom soup is not included but add more RM3 and you got it, but it’s unavailable even I’ve visited it three times.

Yes. I spend RM 3 to eat Lamb Chop, Beef Steak, and Chicken Grill on different day.

Let’s start with the picture


This is the first lamb chop that I have for Monday Lunch.

That time there’s no crowd queuing for this promo so I got my lamb chop after 3 minutes putting my orders. That was fast. I thought at first I will be able to order all 4 types of the grill but then they put this terms and condition at their entrance.

So the minimum drinks is above RM2 so I’ve ordered Hongkong Coffee priced at RM 2.95 and total of what I have for that lunch is RM4.50. GREAT SCOTT! The taste is… okay let me say this first. Taste for everyone is very subjective, same as handsome-ness or cute-ness of the guy and girl, vice-versa. Who is beauty for me, maybe isn’t for you.

The food is just okay. It’s not truly spectacular nor it’s below average.

So tweeted and twitpic-ed about my lunch and Tokwan ask me to went for my second round, on that same Monday, for dinner.

Of course, it’s just RM1. But this time, the crowd was bigger. Akmal Hakim, Mail, Tokwan and Bird coming for dinner. It was a long queue.

It’s (left to right ) Me, Bird, Hakim and Mail. The same thing all of us have, Stomach. unless bird who hide it behind me.

We’ve queued up for about 30 minutes and wait for about 10-15 minutes before the dinner is served. all of us agreed that the taste is just normal. Nothing spectacular but isn’t below average.


We’ve ordered the Ice-Cream and it was just a normal ice-cream. It’s in the Add-on package priced at RM3.

That was monday and Wednesday, I’m at Jusco and decided to have a cheap lunch again. Tweeted about it and IbnuSulaiman decided to join me. We queued for about 30 minutes again and this time, they put a line barrier.



This time I’ve ordered Chicken Grill.And yesterday IbnuSulaiman came again and just look at this picture to see how many people lined up for it, at the last day.

I think this is the superlong queue. It was taken in front of Noodle Station some more. 75 meters? Seriously I think there’s 50 people line up, not including those who place one person to queue and then come 10’s when they were near the Boston.

Seriously, even Boston make it RM1, I think they still made some money out of it. I’m speculating that maybe their ingredients are close to shelf life.. Like it will expire in 2 weeks so they decided to sell it faster and made some bucks through the drinks and ice cream. Let say per head usually will order what I have = RM 5 ( bundarkan ) From what I can see, Boston is capable to fit in 100 people at one time, provided there’s a table of 4 they fit in 6 person. so

RM5 x 100 = RM 500 per hour, x6 hour ( from the promo) = RM3000. And then they run this campaign for 8 days = RM 24,000

That is minimum they spend. Just imagine if they ordered a higher-priced drinks or include more Add-ons. And that’s 100 person per hour and how if they actually fit in 150 person per hour ? Do the math.

So they scored a big hit unlike the normal days. I’m unsure if they can get their sales to RM3000 per day during normal day. and even if you ask the manager, it’s classified. I think they’re really from Tony Fernandes School of Business, like what obefiend said :p

This is really a good campaign for them, and a good lunch for us, cheapskates 😛

Jun 2009

4 Responses to : The Boston RM1 Promo

  1. syia says:

    mak ai..kat mana ni? NAK TRY GAK!! aaaa… mau..mau..

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    syia – kat JUSCO AU2 dan dah habis dah wahhahahah

  3. paeh says:

    demmmm. sedap. murah lak tuuu… demmm lagi sekali… haha

  4. cyber monday- 15% off anything in the shop! refunded to you after purchase. :)

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