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Let me start this post by explaining one particular meaning of ‘stunt’

Stunt =  noun
an action displaying spectacular skill and daring.
• something unusual done to attract attention : the story was spread as a publicity stunt to help sell books.

So what did I did ?

Last Wednesday I receive a call to attend a meeting at Malacca, and at that moment I was at Blood The Last Vampire Premiere. Got the tickets thanks to Akikowolf, since she’s cosplaying that night. But the wrong thing with Blood is the blood, isn’t blood at all.

Stunt #1: This is the first time in my life I went to the toilet when the cinema being played. And I twitted about that. No I didn’t twit inside toilet lah gila.

The meeting is tomorrow morning at 9. And since I’m already kinda exhausted that night, I decided to prolong it, to just went home to pack the clothes and head to Malacca that night. Staying at Odin‘s hotel. That morning meeting is okay, then head straight back to MMU Cyberjaya for meeting but shifted to Friday. Decided to crash over at Chain-FX studio. Thanks to their hospitality and MGS4 on PS3, that Friday morning was pretty refreshing for me.

Then, after meeting at MMU, head over to Taman Melati for daily works. Left early because of electric maintenance, I went back home to pack things up again to go to Kedah. It was raining heavily and, with my trusty umbrella ( oh I still didn’t name her ) comes my second stunt.

Stunt #2: My umbrella is spring-loaded-action-with-a-push-of-button. And I always love the moment it automatically opens up.

I walk under the rain to the bus stop, and boarding a Taxi. There’s a girl and an old man waiting for buses but when I offer to taxi-pool together, they declined. Perhaps they’re not heading to LRT. I always sat in front even in taxi, because I love the front seat. Upon arrival at LRT Ampang the guy didn’t have enough change for me. he such a lucky guy. I’ve paid RM10 for a trip worth RM3.30.

Arrive at Pudu Raya, secured my bus seat, Express Jelita Transtours. Double decker bus. Decided to have dinner and then, there’s this fella, asking me for money, with the dialogue below. ( he speak malay, with chinese slang, but to retain readability across multiple readers *like Chip*, I wrote this in English)

He: Hello brother. What’s your name?

Me: Err.. why you ask ?

He: I’m a guy from Singapore. I just walked from Petaling Street. We’ve had a problem. Now we didn’t have enough money to went back to Singapore

Me: Ooo

He: Where are you going?

Me: Changlun

He: Went to have sex? ( BM – dia cakap mcm ni – “you pergi sana mau enjoy la mau main main ah?”)

Me: No. My hometown is there.

He: Are you Siamese? ( note: Changlun is a Siam language. Means = Fallen Elephant )

Me: No. Malay lah.

Do I look like siamese? I thought more like Javanese since my father’s bloodline is from Java. Oh well but I ain’t giving him some money because I’m quite penniless lately.

And so the bus departed from puduraya at 9pm and I saw one couple ( i think husband and wife ) waving because the bus left them, unsure if the driver noticed them but I didn’t think so. Sat at the front seat at the top deck, it’s kinda scary but I survived.

And next, I documented my trip at Kedah thanks to celcom daily broadband. subscribed just to check Keretapi Tanah Melayu scheduled but unable to see in my Anne due to some whatcrap problems. EPIC Fail. here’s picture galore.

I love the clear blue skies! @ariffarifin on Twitpic

Clear blue skies at Pantai Johor, Kedah, which isn’t a beach and isn’t located at Johor.

Smart makcik rempit stops under tree shadows on Twitpic

This makcik hides under tree shadow at a hot sunny saturday. Smart

Radix fried chicken tastes like kfc on Twitpic

And radix Fried Chicken tastes like KFC, but I love their mashed potato. very tasty.

@Hadramie sedap dan ada 7 ekor udang besar2 harga rm11, ok ke... on Twitpic

And Mee Udang Mak Jah, at Kuala Sepetang, they have a dead blog too :p

okay lost my mood since I just think I waste 30 minutes to update blog. later lately!

Jun 2009

8 Responses to : Lately

  1. syia says:

    gle bznye die..x penat ke asyik travel je?

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    syia – travel and driving is one of my favorite things 😀

  3. oDiN says:

    how about designing , flashing and actionscripting ?

  4. megat says:

    pergh memang bz betul.

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    odin – tengah buat montage utk weddingkami dan courseware

    megat – ini bz yg berproblem.. bz je manjang tp keje tak siap2 gak hahah

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  7. Chip says:

    Hahaa these Singaporeans are so funny. Did they really ask you for sex?

  8. ikhwan nazri says:

    chip – no no.. that singaporean ask if I’m heading to northern part ( near to Siam ) to have sex. WTF!

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