Screw Recession

I was at Jusco AU2 having my dinner and saw this long queues in front of Boston


At first i see this I was like.. ” there must be some crazy promotion for this crazy long queue not for doughnuts like JCO, but for grilled food.

Until I saw this


I’m so tempted to went there tomorrow for dinner yeay!

Visit their website for more details about Boston RM1 Promotion

Jun 2009
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14 Responses to : Screw Recession

  1. Mike Tee says:

    This is great advertising! Much better than blowing cash on flyers that ppl throw away.

  2. Fahmishah says:

    Uish. Belanja aku

  3. obefiend says:

    pergh.. must be from the tony fernandes school of business.. haha

  4. aesha says:

    it looks tempting glurps..rm1 only
    ada sijil halal ke x ni?

  5. janggout says:

    mesti ko jmpe shapidah kn?

  6. noxus says:

    hmm menarik skali.. :D, tp portion food die mesti kecil. tp takpe bleh order banyak2 wahahahaha!

  7. zafee says:

    ikhlas ke masak ni…

  8. ainee says:

    my, how much money does boston make?

  9. ikhwan nazri says:

    mike – this is like getting 1 ringgit and made people to tell other people to spend RM1, and they’ll tell other people to spend RM1

    fahmishah – leh.. ngan kakak kau :p

    obefiend – ROFL!! ultra cheap foood thanks to tony fernandes

    aesha – tak nampak lak tp ramai je orang islam makan.. nnt kalau nak makan cek lah ada tampal tak sijil halal

    janggout – shapidah kenal aku tapi aku langsung tak kenal dia.. apsal berita aku tak kenal shapidah ni tersebar meluas ??

    noxus – aku nak order sekali 4 leh tak hahah.. pastu tak habis

    zafee – ikhlas asalkan gaji masih berbayar

    ainee – at least if they sold 100 plates of hot grill within that period..

  10. janggout says:

    cuma perasaan ko je..
    bajet cte ko xkenal die buat ko jd topik hot la??

  11. ikhwan nazri says:

    janggout -yg aku tau hurriyah je yg ada masa tu.. tp tatau langsung tu shapidah tp mcm mana ko leh tau mende nih.. hadeh.

  12. janggout says:

    biasa la beb..
    berita apa2 pun mesti aku tau punya…

  13. ikhwan nazri says:

    janggout – gileah ko join gossip girl la ni

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