Thoughts on TEDxKL Talks

Do you know TED? Didn’t know? TED is ..

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from those three worlds. Since then its scope has become ever broader.

The slogan/motto for TED is “Ideas Worth Spreading”

And TEDx means it’s an independently organized TED event, and that KL is obviously Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Being the fan of TED, I RSVPed early because the seat was limited to 100 people without knowing who’re going to speak at first. But then there’s some name pops in. Yasmin Ahmad & KidChan among the first to pops in my twitterville but I was wondering is there any Tech talks until the day before, I was looking at their schedule and discover none for techgeeks like me.

Oh well, just give it a shot.

First talk was given by Yasmin Ahmad. Something about charisma but I’m missed out a bit because talking to goldfries navigating him through the event. Look at my about snippets, I proclaimed myself as good Navigator :p. There’s one moment she send utter shock to me ( and to other audience I think ) where she hit the … rostrum? ( correct spelling ) and BANG.. I’m shocked but nonetheless, she’s really good story teller and many people like her talk, as I do.

Next is by KidChan. The slideshow is all fail. I tweeted that if I were him I rather shared my LOLPICS ( LOLPICS – pics that’s so funny meant to be laughed at ) and LOL-ed with my audience. He’s talking mentoring which is, not my type so I let it pass from my right ear to the left ear.

That was a Malay proverb, ‘masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri’. Simply in English =’meant nothing’

Next is the video of Brian Greene talking about String theory. Lucky.

Then Roshan Thiran from Leaderonomics. He talks fast but it’s just not my thing.

Then it’s Dash promoting his stuff Global Entrepreneurs Week. This is truly a selfpromotion. At this point I was wondering, does the speaker even knows about TED???

Lucky there’s Krishnakant Mane from India save the day by his talk and Idea for 3rd Brain. He’s the best speakers, wins by claps. His most notable quotes are

You don’t need eyes to visualize ideas

He’s a blind person, running Ubuntu and have Orca Screen Reader to assist him. And he deserve that standing applause.

Cut short story, seriously this is the first TEDxKL so there’s some mishaps here but I’m sure they’ll improve. Below are my opinions and just one cents to the TEDxKL future organizers

  1. Screen the speakers and make sure their slideshow is ready earlier.
  2. Even you screen the speakers and their content, make sure their content is “IDEAS WORTH SPREADING”
  3. Oh yes= Technology, Entertainment, Design !!!
  4. Look at official TED websites, the speakers usually from R&D department/researcher/acedemician/politican/mathmagician something they really expert with.
  5. My suggestion is to invite one or two speakers from local or neighbourhood universities to present their high-profile research. Since TEDxKL is free (methinks) , they (the researcher) can utilize this platform to present their ideas and papers, for free. Just look at previous Sixth Sense by Pattie Maes or Siftables by David Merill, both are MIT’s. I seriously think we can dig into some papers of universities research and invite the lecturers or students to present, for free. ( Previously there’s a close friend of me, asking where to find money, to present her paper at conference ).
  6. If they’re going to retain 6 speakers at each TED, then make sure it’s all in different genres.If it clashes, save it for the next TEDxKL coming in.
  7. In screening and choosing the speakers, make sure the organizers ask the speakers:” What Is TED and name 3 person you can remember from TED, and the content of their talk”. Why go for this fuss? To ensure the speaker got their spirit. Afterall, TEDxKL video still being monitored by TED official since we carry their branding.
  8. TED was sponsored by BMW. How about we have Proton sponsored TEDxKL ? ( this is obviously a crazy joke and please, Roll On Floor Laughing )

Of course this is their first time. I know Daniel Cerventus and the gang of Malaysia Entrepreneurs will get better time after time. You can’t make the baby walking straight away without crawling and falling at first :)

Sorry there’s no picture galore as I was busy tweeting updates and make #tedxkl trending in twitter. Most of familiar faces I saw is fellow Barcampers, and I’m sitting around with MuidLatif from Digital Malaya, Juan from Clean Paper Cut, YoonKit from Royal Selangor

This is other reviews of TEDxKL by goldfries, Nikicheong Readlah!

Jun 2009

7 Responses to : Thoughts on TEDxKL Talks

  1. Gray says:

    of all the points you raised, i agree with them, especially #2. i’ve subscribed to the TEDtalks podcast and it’s rly very cool, even for topics that don’t interest me, the speaker is usually able to get the message through.

    interestingly, i googled “TEDxKL” and “TEDx Kuala Lumpur” about a month or two ago, and found nothing except the date it would be held on the TEDx website. and even that wasn’t linked anywhere. so where did you register? or hear about it?

  2. NaS says:

    eeeuuu… x tido mlm ka tulih blog??

    major drag huh… good effort tho. but then, maybe just don’t rush things… take it slow… let the momentum build up. don’t do too many things at once, pushing too many brands etc. be original. urgh, i’m preaching here…

  3. Obefiend says:

    momochi! hey man.. i can’t thank you enough for dropping by my site and the huge help regarding my work last year.

    about this ted

    i can’t help but saw a mr Greene talk about String Theory.weird. advance theoretical physics for the masses! in my case it would probably masuk telinga kanan. got stuck in the cerebral cortex. force it way down the medula oblongata before blowing a huge gaping hole on my telinga kira.

    what does that mean

    confusion.. confusion. all this multi dimensional plane thingy can really blow my head off. heck! i still can’t understand theory of relativity.

    btw. this site ada RSS feed? wanna subscribe to it. later dude

  4. Friedbeef says:

    Fully agree. Just felt this was way too rushed for some reason or another, as the speaker/topic list should be the selling point, not revealed so late in the game.

    And of course – weekends please :)

    TED is held to a much higher standard than any other conference I know so yes screening is utterly crucial.

  5. Danny Foo says:

    Maybe planning was very rush. Or, his friends asked their friends and their friends asked their friends who knows of someone who’d like to give a speech. 😛

    Probably what the current TEDxKL organizers can takeaway from this is to learn from other TEDx events. Go visit the nearest and bring back the experience. Or, dig deeper into the TED team on how they screen and select speakers.

    But seriously sounds like a multi-disciplinary. Cools. :)

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    gray – I heard it passed through my twitter peeps 😀 actually this just announced… like.. less than one month I think

    nas – haah teramek masa lama pulak 😛 pasal pushing brands tu actually nak strict ngan brand ted. bukan apa sebab buang masa kalau speaker tak discreen, pastu antar kat TED committee before publishing, nnt carry bad impression

    obefiend – huge help ah? glad to know that 😀 you can subscribe to this blog rss feed by clicking here below


    friedbeef – I didn’t see u that day, or it’s my eyes lying to me. Agree with you, TED is held to a much higher standards.

    Danny Foo – after this there will be TEDxJakarta and TEDxJapan Hope they’ll visit their talks and learn much offshore.

  7. Obefiend says:

    thanks for the link..

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