On this day

19 May… is my birthday.

It’s also the birthday of Logan Saravanan Selvam – Primary school classmate, Roni Shah Mustapha – Fellow KL Barcampers and business owner of UrekaLabs. Lau Bee Yee, well the girl that completes the trio with Caryn and Tatiana, Sue’s father, and Najlaa friend.For more famous people, I share the same date with Malcolm X and Ho Chi Minh

Last year on today, 19 May 2008, Dr Mahathir & his wife resign from UMNO Club, and he’s the member number 1, his wife no 2. I LOL real hard.

Proceed to the complete history of 19 May, to me

19 May 2007 – I released Al-Quran for PSP Version 1.1

19 May 2006 – The day after Da Vinci Code.. if i’m not mistaken

19 May 2005 – Star Wars – Revenge of The Sith

And this year, as I closed The Raise Project,  Al-Quran for PlayStation Portable with English, French and Malay translation available for free, i’ve release a new project. Officekami. yes. mention it again… Off Ice Car Mee. However all people who commented on that post are wrong. Officekami is a community project targeted to give information about uncommon place like cafe’s and foodcourt with wifi and able to become your office. it also will give info on where’s the prayer room, fax services, convinience store and stationery shop and all those thingamajig.

For more info visit official website of Officekami. This is how I celebrate my birthday, by finding something new to people.

But what’s more funny today is the discovery of one Microsoft Research named as Microsoft Cibai. the link is safe for work so proceed with ease. It is “An abstract interpretation-based static analyzer for modular analysis and verification of Java classes”.  But we Malaysians and Singaporeans understand it differently. FYI, Cibai is.. pardon me for the need to say it, is female vagina. The words is not even an Acronym for their product. ( Acronym is in example FYI = For Your Information ) They just took the name randomly, and it’s a bad name. It can also used as swear words ( like F**K ) At first I also thought that Microsoft CIBAI is (in example, of course I made this) Microsoft Computation Interactive Bridged Advance Intelligence. Microsoft Cibai made it to the twitter trending topics. Microsoft need to do something about this.

And I just got the news that Chuck will be renewed with 13 episode for Season 3. it will start Next year’s March. YEAY! My campaign works. Chuck FTW!

So 19 May 2009 =  Chuck Season 3 continues, the release of Officekami, and Microsoft Cibai. Sheesh maybe next year I hope some random company doesn’t create a stuff and name it as in example King Of The Ethernet ( okay mix that up yourself )

May 2009
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  1. Bat says:

    Happy birthday! Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki.

    *malas la nak sebut benda2 mencarut ni takut nanti tersebut depan anak murid, huhu..*

  2. Najib says:

    this is seriously much more stupid than komputer makcik branding nightmare. happy birthday by the way. lama da x jumpa.. xnk tumpang blik aku lagi ke?

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    bat – jgn sebut.. ko pencorak pemuda pemudi harapan negara ahahah

    najib – sem depan :p

  4. HeHeHunter says:

    Eh, I nye birthday kat 18 Mei. HaHaHa!

    Happy Birthday!

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    hehehunter – hey hey thanks. hows ur mom now? Hope she’s fine 😀

  6. faiz says:

    Woo..orang rusia pon singgah kat blog hang..gempak2

  7. loq says:

    happy belated birthday bro

  8. ikhwan nazri says:

    loq – thx bro 😀

  9. HeHeHunter says:

    Mak I dah okey. Dah pergi China lo.

  10. ikhwan nazri says:

    hehehunter – wow really nice to hear that. then have a safe journey

  11. MalaysianLinguistics says:

    Thats stretching it abit. “Chee Bai” would be better. More pithy and natural. “Ci Bai” sounds like the damn thing has razor sharp edges or is thin and sickly. “Chee” gives a better feel for the thing. So no.

    Wait for LAN-JIAO, bound to happen sometime . . .

  12. ikhwan nazri says:

    malaysianlinguistics – wait for next year lah. Microsoft Lan Jiau hahahaha

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