Dream Diary #3

My sleep pattern is after 0200 am till 0600 am , then wakeup for morning prayer ( solat subuh ). Then,either I sleep again or continue my day lol.So today, I got two dreams.

Dream 1 ( First Person View )

  1. It seems I’m revisiting a previous dream. I’ve got a dream where I went to many petrol pump and when I went there, I just have a small tidbits some sort of. This time, it seems like that.
  2. On a backpacking but with a super hot girl to south.Perhaps Singapore. It’s like on a working trip in pairs.  She was wearing green spaghetti tops. Yes, pretty sexy. She have books in her hand. We were at the end of border than decided to have some sort of drink and I’m having myself a coffee. The environment is brownish with wooden chairs but inside air conditioned shops.  it seems like Coffee Bean.

dream 1 stops here. real life points to ponder

  1. In real life, I love to visit petrol pump to buy some tidbits when I’m driving. I love curry puff Esso very much.
  2. I know this girl in real life, and she know me too. But there’s nothing special between us in real. She’s wearing spaghetti tops perhaps the reflection of hot KL nowadays. Pretty hot in here.

Dream 2 ( unsure what kind of view I’m having. It swaps between first person and third person and sometimes I don’t know my role. 3rd person view = 3PV, first person view = 1PV )

  1. 3PV. There’s this tall guy story, where he loves this girl. When the guy sends the girl to her house, her father shook his hands, and hug him, in a cynical way. He thought it was okay till it is not. He was enjoying moments like he’s on top of the world, but then realize it was not because he have a flashback of her facther’s act in cynical way. I forsee the ‘way it’s not okay’ is like a  movie effects, the guy realize it, and lost in nowhere but this, this is the weird thing. I changed my view to 1PV and went to sabau to help this guy, which both of us didn’t know. Sabau in a rush because I saw her wife calling him and he give me 5 minutes before left. Explained that guy problem until 5 minutes out. Then I went to one room, try to use computer, that has a lot partition that I unable to find my thumbdrive directory.
  2. When I went out from that room. the scene change entirely. It seems like I’m in a middle of a magical battle. I posses the defensive powers. Who I touch will become invinsible. so I support this one attackers who recovering from his spell. He had to wait before casting the next magic. Seems the attack coming to him, I touch him and make him invisible alongside with me. The enemy was pretty near and try to touch us, where we can’t move, because he’s casting his next spell and have a waiting time. Then the attack continues but seriously, in the end of battle, the enemy and us were congratulating each of us. Some were hugging. It seems like a Hip-Hop battle. Bored, I walk downstairs…
  3. and here in this level, I found many MRSM taiping friends. They were high-school friends. we’rehaving some sort of gathering and there’s many faces I saw, but the most I remembered is Tajul Fitri from Class of 12 and Aishah Mahani ( Chao ) My classmate. While I was sitting at the dinner table, with Chao by my right side and  Tajul by my right side. In front of me is a small guy, maybe it’s either Irsyad Class of 10, or Aidil (poyo) my classmate. Unsure because it’s a pretty quick scene. Then there’s a mirror where I glazed into it together with Chao, and I was attracted by the subject inside the reflection, I left the dinner table to chase uncertain things.
  4. When I left, I think the place was near with either a funfair or cheap cinemas. They organizing an event for a fan. They’re showing XX Ray. I can see some fun-fair stuff. But I’m on a chase for that uncertainty, and only to find that uncertainty thingy was a girl ( sheesh another?? ) The girl was walking with her cliques and being the shy person towards female , I just look her at distance, but not in a stalker way.

Dream 2 stops here. Real life points to ponder.

  1. I didn’t know that tall guy. I always carry a thumbdrive wherever I go even without a laptop.
  2. My ability is like Meleoron from Hunter X Hunter. When I’m invisbile, the person I touch become invisible too. Where this make no sense in real life, I did Invisible, In Yahoo Messenger HAHAH!. There’s no one to chat or I’m the one who doesn’t want to chat much.  And those who casting the magic spells, they need some time to launch it. Same to Ragnarok and even the new Patapon 2,where the Magepon, uses magic and their attack will be launched 6 seconds after that. I’m not fond to magic-type characters. They have slowest attack. About Hip-Hop Battle, last month Edry pasting a link to me to show a HipHop Battle. it’s a badmouthing battle but in the end of the battle, they congratulating each other and forgiving each other with some hugs. I was kinda shocked, but amused with the Rhythm words they slurring between them.
  3. It seems like a faest or something. unsure. But the last time I saw all the clear characters inside this part is during Najlaa-Shah Wedding. Maybe I was revisited that event in my dream. Still, that day on Shah-Najlaa Wedding, I’m not sitting in between Tajul and Chao, but in between Irsyad and Poyo. And there’s no mirror.Who will put a mirror on a dinner table?? Dream-Memory Glitches, Bugs? LOL
  4. I love XX Ray movie. And I know that girl. And she know me too.  And if she’s walking with her cliques, I’ll only look at her at distance, even in real life.

Disclaimer: Dreams aren’t premonition or dejavu and don’t take it seriously.

And here’s XXRay intro to you

May 2009

5 Responses to : Dream Diary #3

  1. marina musfirah says:

    dalam panjang2 awak tuleh tu.. yang lekat cuma tang curry puff. suka sgt3 curry puff ikea!!! ada telor!! hahaha..

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    marina – esso pun ada telo :p

  3. mari musfirah says:

    owh. oke.. nnt boleh cuba.

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    marina – dah cuba try buat, dah buat try makan, dah makan try judge :p

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