off ice car mee?

I’m on hiatus. meanwhile, here’s a riddle for you my visitors.

What do you get, if you got, tomorrows news today ?

Sorry, that’s obviously Early Edition

what did you get, if you off the switch, go buy the ice, on the car, eating the mee ?

The answer will be revealed on 19 May :)

Pretty please it’s not about my personal thing such as engaged or wedding. It ain’t personal if I tell you those stuff.

The correct person to answer that riddle, will enjoy free coffee from me. Just coffee :p

May 2009
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13 Responses to : off ice car mee?

  1. Nora says:

    Office Kami! You guys are getting an office or have you guys got one already? Awesomesauce!

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    nora – you submit the answer as many as you want but, the real answer will be revealed on 19th May 😀

  3. Bat says:

    Aaa…baru nak jawab, dah ada orang dapat jawabkan, huhu..Melepas la kopi schewen, hehe

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    bat – tak melepas lagi.. kan dah cakap. real answer 19 may. lagipun Nora tu tak minum kopi.. kahkahkahkah

  5. Bat says:

    Hah, sejuk perut aku dengar, hehe..jawapannya ialah, “Office kami”, aka Flavert Media Lab nak dapat opis baru, gamaknya lah kan? hehe..

    Tapi kan, perkataan “kami” tu buat aku teringat kat salah satu produk FML iaitu, jadi aku rasa OfficeKami ni adalah macam satu produk gak.

    Coworking space? Office-renting? Virtual Office?

    Hehe =P

    Coffee, I liked! Muahahaha.. =P

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    bat – sekali lagi jawapan sebenar akan diumumkan 19 may. aku tak cakap pun jawapan nora tu salah :p

  7. chapan says:

    jawapannya adalah konda kondi!

  8. faiz says:

    Chapan..konda kondi tu apa??

  9. ikhwan nazri says:

    chapan – takpe submit je banyak2 jawapan hehe

    faiz – hang tatau ke konda kondi tu apa?? takkan tak pernah main kot?

  10. aesha says:

    congrats if you get ur on office soon~!!

    ps : konda kondi yang main ngan kayu tu kan? buat lubang pastu letak kayu. huhu..pastu lari kot tu je yg blh ku ingati

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  13. ikhwan nazri says:

    aesha – salah.. hahahahhahha.. neway mende konda kondi tu betullah :p

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