Snapped some pics

this is indeed a lazy update. many things wanted to say but quickly lost in nowhere, so I post pics that I’ve took lately.


This is how you can hack your slippers. Roll it over a car tyre’s and voila, a new pattern :p

much more!


This is chocolate from Japan. It’s not a condom no matter how many times you look at it. Well I’m also see the condoms from packaging and … never knew how it’s look like but yeah, thanks to the internet, the movie, it’s pretty much like it, but again it isn’t condom.


This symbol of surau/mosque = place/room where muslims prays is a bit lousy for me.. This surau signage located at Summit USJ. they translate this icon = v_v = eyes going down, not a positive/happy looking. the proper way is to do this == ^_^

or let me redo it in flash


now that’s much more positive + happy.


This is indeed some serious language-fail! Redy bayer or redy sales? lol


and this picture of 6 inches subway is to save Chuck from being discontinued by NBC. It’s Chicken Teriyaki with 2 cookies, and Subway is having their daily deals at Rm7.50 Still it’s a great deal because Chicken teriyaki priced at RM9.90

The thing is to eat, where either it’s free, worth the money, and of course, discounts.

Save chuck guys. Click here.

May 2009
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17 Responses to : Snapped some pics

  1. alone says:

    They should change the icons for surau. The negative faces discouraging. uhuh.

  2. Mawaddah says:

    sedap eh Chicken Teriyaki?..xpernah try..
    slalu mkn yg lain2 je..hehe..

  3. Bat says:

    Last aku makan pekena subway masa kat barcamp 2007 dulu dengan Azraai. Terliur lak nak makan lagi lepas tengok gambar, hahaha…*sambil tumbuk perut*

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    alone – truly true. but we can’t go there and tear off that signage lol.

    mawaddah – sedap!

    bat – bila masa ada barcamp 2007 ?? first time bukan 2008 ke kat itrain tu haha.

  5. chapan says:

    (ayat positif) mungkin ekceli tu bukan mata ke bawah.. tu mata pejam.. kusyuk.. ayuh berfikiran positif.. mulut tu sekadar takde perasaan.. takkan sengih2 plak kan..

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    chapan – OMG oke positip positip khusyuk khusyuk @_@

  7. Akiko says:

    your pix are so lol. XD

  8. ikhwan nazri says:

    akiko – hahah ROFL . actually I have lots of LOLPICS :p

  9. mao says:

    hey Ikhwan, i’ve stumble upon your page during random googling on stuff. I think it would be better to let u know that your blog is one of the best random-ramblings place i’ve ever encounter =) Good job! keep it up..

    btw, P1 tu ok ke signal die? Cause i’m using maxisbb at home now and it does has intermittent signal

    p/s: tgh bosan study final exam! haha..

  10. miszx_ila says:

    aku x nk komen lebih2…tp nk tnyr la..bape ek harga selipa ko yg telah digilis oleh kereta itu?..

    leh masuk market kan…


  11. ikhwan nazri says:

    mao – uih :”> P1 oke je signal dia.. takat ni tak penah fail hahah.. minggu lepas je fail pasal twitter tp dah oke kot. neway good luck exam!

    miszx_ila = ak sure.. tp lepas gilis leh jual balik kot.. tp td aku tengok selipar tu dah ilang dah corak dia hahahaha

  12. ejon says:

    pattern selipar tableh blah

    btw, p1 rawks, bye2 meksis beruk, aku dah terminate

  13. aesha says:

    haha.. cara kreatif membuat trademark FOC kat slipar.
    adakah anda cuba membuktikan anda tidak seberat tayar kereta? (kerna tidak meninggalkan kesan pada slipar hohooho)

    First, i didnt get whats wrong with the icon. Maybe i already get used with it (or hardly pay attention to it glurps..)
    Then, gelak guling2 depand monitor after look at the edited version.
    Cute2 (“,)

  14. ikhwan nazri says:

    aesha – kau samakan berat aku ngan berat kereta.. cis

  15. tekong, aku nak bli selipor ni…gerek seh…ini bermakna dalam dunia ni ko sorang je ada….melainkan kalau org lain pun dah biorkan selipar mereka bertempiaran di jalanan…kekeke

  16. ikhwan nazri says:

    firdaus – kita letak selipar mcm tu kat litar F1 nak.. mesti lagi mahal hahaha

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