Dream diary #2

Since the memories of my dream last night fading at the moment and i’m only remember parts by part, let me jot don in points

  1. I’m at the Tae-Kwon-Do tourney
  2. before Tae-Kwon-Do sparring, there’s a ‘runaway obstacle’ that you need to pass within time limited ( like Wipeout/AXN, or Istana Takeshi/Takeshi Castle)
  3. I stalk a muslim-bangladesh kids that looks like Slumdog Millionaire character that was asking alms and he apparently went to his either father/uncle car’s
  4. Been hugged by an extremely cute girl
  5. All of this takes place in Putrajaya

Real-life points

  1. I’m not a blackbelt, as I only reach Brown-belt, the last stage before getting a blackbelt. that was a story in primary school
  2. I’ve a new addictcion – Wipeout in AXN. Nonetheless, I still like ‘runaway-obstacles’.
  3. Yesterday as I working over the weekend, there’s the same people who asking for alms coming to me. Sometimes I give, but not this time. Since last week they’ve been loitering around. I’m not sure if the kids are Bangladesh or Rohingya. Furthermore, using the name of Maahad Tahfiz ( top-name for religious school ). My friend who works at JKM ( Jabatan kebajikan Masyarakat / Welfare department ) even said that Maahad Tahfiz is also syndicate. gah!
  4. I’m watching The Uninvited last night. Maybe that main character hugged me. such a psycho. ( her la not me hahah )
  5. putrajaya have a nice building.
Apr 2009

5 Responses to : Dream diary #2

  1. chapan says:

    sblm hitam, ada hitam merah .. hitam merah lepas brown. 😀

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    hitam merah tu under 12 lah haha

  3. chapan says:

    mane ade under 12.. aku stay hitam merah 2 taun time form 2 form 3 pasal nak naik hitam kena 16 taun.. (kalau tak salah)

    [quote] Students begin at tenth geup (often indicated by a white belt) and advance toward first geup (often indicated by a red belt with a black stripe). [/quote] source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taekwondo#Ranks.2C_belts_and_promotion

  4. ellem says:

    how about the cute girl? 😀 i want to hug by cute girl too.

    yes putrajaya have a lot of nice half empty government building.

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    chapan – oo camtu aku salah tahun la kot. gile aa ada koryo

    ellem – aaa maybe because I was watching the uninvited at cinema that night. but it’s not a good movie. lol. wanna hug by cute girl? go get married lah hahah

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