My dream diary #1

yesterday I stumbled upon 31o5 twits where she thinks she doing something in her sleep. She smashed a plate. It’s either sleepwalking or some sleeping disorder. To update you guys, last month I’m sleepwalk in my home. It’s not really sleepwalk but I think sleep disorder.

So I wake up in sunday morning and go to kitchen to look for breakfast. After taking a bowl full of fried mee, I fell asleep and hitting my mom in the way, real hard. So the bowl shattered to pieces since it’s fell out of my hand. They mee sprawling everywhere and stains the floor, and some home things to. To make things worst that day, the mee also stains a faulty florescent lamp. Hours later, that florescent lamp fall and break to pieces, because I place it in a wrong way previously when I’m cleaning the mess.

that was the latest sleepwalking. but about the title, me and 31o5 discussed somethings related to our sleeping disorder and she said that she’s keeping diary of her dream. While I, have Dejavu dream sometimes… like Angela Petrelli.

So i decide to try to wrote about my dream.. on the morning while it still fresh.

Dream #1( 3rd person view )

Like a detective movie, I’m seeing a famous fat US actor try to inspect what the cases lead. The killing of come corporate faces in Nokia was caused by their imitation company, Ookia. So they ( i don’t know who are they) two female dressed in bunny suits kidnap the Ookia president/representative to question about the incident. They bring the Ookia president to the beach and taking a classic plane ( that can land on water ) and my view is the bird view at that moment, it was a lovely blue beach.

Then I woke up.. it was 450am.

Dream #2 (1st person view )

It starts with I’m at the beach, and seeing Azraai went for jogging. Then it jumps in to where I receive cakes. to be exact, a big chocolate cake. And Mawaddah and another guy receive cakes too. Mawaddah receive a cheesecake. However, I got a big chocolate cake with another slice of strawberry cake on top of it. (I’m a big no for everything strawberry) Then, we’re like completing/rushing for MDF assignment where we have to draw and some of friends appears, faiz gurun, sabau, and rushing to complete the assignment.

As I went to another room, it was my parents room at home and a call coming in, from my client, that asking Flavert service ( okay this is WTH!- in real life, this is my real client way back last December-January, and it wasn’t a good client. Even though the client made the full payment, they didn’t use our artworks ).  The client was asking either we’re free or the next business will be in 4 years time.

So after answering her, I went back to previous room and see a lot of students nearly completed artworks, with some cheating by using printer/design using computer. It was a Friday, so all of us need to go to Friday Prayers or we’ll be slapped by warden. ( this recalls memory at SAMTEN, one of islamic-religious school ) So I rush to get prepared and from my window, I can see the person who want to go to mosque, have to cross a flood up to my chest. So I clear all my gear up, handphones, cameras, but still carry my laptop.

So I left with my friend and some fly-geng at MRSM Taiping, in particular it was lead by Hilmi Arbain, a Johorean who fancy everything army. We sneak up and on the way, there’s one fella saw a weird girl with a boy-like-body and teasing her. Insulted by his action, that girl, who has a fair skin and have a mole on her forehead, much more like an ASEAN girls, chasing that boy and kept saying and mumbling, what I can only recall, “INTI College” as we walk down the stairs of the slopes.

Then we reach a mountain, where a lot of muslims already listen to the sermon. The view is like MMU Cyberjaya during Friday Prayer, where you can see a lot of people praying far outside the mosque. So I, sabau, faiz, and some guys decide not to cross the flood to get to the mosque, and we took our ablution there. Then I sat on the grass while listening to prayer mat. I’m asking sabau, ” didn’t we were too far with the mosque, and the ‘Saff’ ( the line. when muslims praying, they always get into one line, shoulder by shoulder) was broken because we’re too far. Didn’t remember what he answered, and then I woke up, 630am.

//end of dream.

Some keypoints to relate in real life.

  1. Ookia = maybe it was Ookla = The website that I visit frequently to test Wiggy P1W1max
  2. dream 2 was happening on friday. Today is friday.
  3. receiving a big chocolate cake is heavenly, but another slice on top of it is a strawberry cake, which I hate it. Maybe i receive big projects but I hate it. So far, I can’t take big projects where I found the company cannot fit in, and we didn’t do any projects related with liquor, tobacco, and anything that go beyond Islam. I’ve turned off some interesting and big prospect but it’s okay. Closing one door will lead you to another door.
  4. I’ve used to fly once in MRSM Taiping, during SPM to play Red Alert 2 and Counterstrike. and it was fasting month so yay!
  5. I’ve asked Azraai to chat during night particularly about his project and he declined because he will be jogging at night.

dream is devil play some says

Apr 2009

4 Responses to : My dream diary #1

  1. 31o5 says:

    why don’t you join
    to post your dream? let me know your email address and add you as an user :)

  2. 31o5 says:

    copy & paste your dream stories and update the website, then :)

  3. Dylan White says:

    Sleep Disorders like sleep paralysis really disturbs me at night. I usually experience it when my throat gets dry.*,`

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