Wiggy P1 W1MAX Speedtest

Okay FYI I live at Kampung. Still live with my family. It’s at the edge of KL and like what James Friedbeef said, it’s 500meters from modernization.

Any food delivery will not come to my home, and I have to go to Sekolah Taman Kosas to pick up. wth.

And STREAMYX 1MB will also not coming to my home. Simply because it’s still a kampung, and out of their sucky 5KM coverage. I’ve went to their TMPoint and their staff just ask for my phone number, and said I’m simply out of 1mb coverage. sheesh. I was even thinking to use Streamyx Combo but again, the speed still capped. Also decided to use Celcom Broadband, but, money.

I’m willing to pay, if it can perform. Equivalent trade.

So I’ve been using a 512kbps screamyx connection. Torrent speed around 10kbps. general downloading speed is 15kbps. and in morning I can get 60kbps.

And when I got the invitation to test Wiggy P1 W1MAX, I’m a bit skeptical. People boasting about it’s speed. But will I enjoy that speed too?


From last week, from the day I receive the tester modem, I really felt the urged to test it, until P1 told all bloggers to come and change the modem. Presumably because of the Firmware update.  Today I’ve got to change it yeay.

And when I bring back at home, my heart jump in joy. See the speedtest below.


This is TMnut Screamyx.


And this is Wiggy P1 Wimax

I’m thinking to switch, but I’ve yet to find which package I would take. At least my home now got 1MB. Now it’s more faster yeay!

But then, the modem still doesn’t have Mac-driver yet. I’m testing this using Eruda ( Macbookpro ) running VirtualBox to emulate windows to run Wiggy P1, and I was able to do side by side comparison. See the time of speedtest recorded. It’s pretty near each other.

Seriously P1, make drivers for Mac!  You see, surely you did the study of your consumer. These Mac-user would be willing to spend penny if it’s worth it. And I almost lol-ed during Blogger event that some of us, ( me, vernon chan, bytebot, qwertyjuan, dannyfoo ) are Mac users. Have to run either BootCamp, or Virtualbox/VMware or Parallels is not good for us.

Sabau just hypothesized this today inside the car. The customer profile of, assuming a women who have an iPhone, she must be rich, willing to spend. And one of our client, an iPhone app developer said that,

Those who bought iPhone, would surely bought a Data Plan. And when they bought a Data Plan, it ‘s come with a price, which aren’t cheap. Target the iPhone market, it’s a buyable market.

I do agree with him. So please P1 W1MAX = Create a MAC driver for Wiggy For The Win!!!

this is last week picture at P1 Briefing area.


So i hope P1 can make Mac-driver faster. Currently if I wanted to use it, I need to plug my laptop. huhu.

So speedtest in my home has been done, next test maybe rempit-ing while wimax-ing, or driving while wimax-ing. oh well I got 3 months to enjoy this free stuff yeay!

Apr 2009
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  1. Marvin Lee says:

    I’ve been hearing good things about this P1, unfortunately my area is not in coverage.
    Good for you to have something free for 3 months, or is it usage? :-)

  2. Khai says:

    Ingat nak apply jugak.. InsyaAllah…

    terkejut ngk gambar speedtest yg 1st tu.. ingat tu P1 punye test.. termenung sekejap tadi.. skali scroll bawah skit… la!! patutlah.. screamyx!! hahahaha

    nengok p1 punya mmg menggoda… tu kalau line desa pandan or pandan indah, mesti berdesup ni.. yay!

    neway bro, thanks!!

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    marvinlee – oh crap did u mean I got 3month-usage = lol.. I consume bandwidth a lot hahaha

    khai – tengok coverage area dulu. tp kalau covered.. rasa takde masalah huehue. baibai screamyx. lepas 3 bulan aku tukar la haha sbb tengah tengok plan P1 ada capped gak kecuali amek yg office standard = RM160 gaga

  4. Najib says:

    Sadly some of us geek does come from kampung area… not the first place in mind for internet provider …huuu

    aku da la kat melaka dok area kampung lg , P1 nk sampai sana berabad lagi la…hmm impian ali rustam nk jadikan melaka negeri broadband jd janji kentut la ..puff kaputt

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    najib – fuiyo najib pun dtg blog aku waw waw ali rustam dah kena dakwa kan.. lagi lambat la kot hahaha

  6. Bigben49 says:

    Wow, amazing! After several frustrating years, cancelled SCREAMYX last 2 weeks. Tried CELCOM Broadband, sorry Narrowband! Asyik2 “Upgrade in progress, diAmpang area. To be commissioned year end” Bukan jauh sangat, 10minutes walk to Ampang Point je. Boleh? CELCOM pun Boleh blah!!

    To play safe, registered P1WIMAX Basic, so far about 100Kbps. Bulan2 cuma RM49 selama 2 tahun. Dulu SCREAMYX RM88 plus phone charge lagi. Signal kejap ada, kejap tak de. CELCOM Broadband RM98 tapi sampah! Nak dapat 100Kbps pun bagai pungguk rindukan bulan…. Kata “Best Broadband”, max 3.6Mbps – Taik Kucing!!

    So, my advice, ambik BASIC pun cukup. Asalkan Bahagia….

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    bigben49 = ha tulah. macam mau try gak P1 sbb at least sampai kat rumah 1MB. tak rugi rasanye gaga

  8. Bigben49 says:

    Several emails to CELCOM for an explanation for misleading the Rakyat, unanswered! Looks like YB Rais Yatim has to look into it. The ISP’s excuse:BEST EFFORT! WTF! To get 50percent of the max bps is a reasonable excuse but not 10percent!

    TELEKOM and CELCOM – Typical Gomen culture…..!!!

  9. ikhwan nazri says:

    bigben49 – dah nama GLC… adalah tempiasnya gaga

  10. Bigben49 says:

    Bro, any tips on tweaking the DS-300? Or worse still hack it? Some tips here but not detail. Worth trying.



    Good Luck.

  11. ikhwan nazri says:

    bigben49 – sorry I’m not using DS-300 IF you hack it, you’re breaking their policy LOL

  12. Sohai says:

    P1 wimax is really sux lah, waste money only!

  13. amin says:

    bagaimana saya nak dapatkan driver p1w1max wiggy untuk mac os, saya cari tak jumpa, boleh saudara tolong dapatkan dan link kepada saya

  14. ikhwan nazri says:

    amin – unsure la. rasa mcm takde lagi je. jap try twit P1

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