Menconteng Arang Ke Muka

Menconteng Arang Ke Muka = direct translation = put a charcoal to your face

in it’s original context in Bahasa Malaysia = Stains/shame yourself by doing something bad. Real bad. Arang/Charcoal is black and our face is always related to white and pure,  and to put charcoal to our face is something that would make our face dirty.

But nowadays, I see a lot of people putting charcoal in their face. You don’t believe it? Better believe it. Pics ahead.

Mentholatum Charcoal Face Wash

Mentholatum Charcoal Face Wash

hahahahhaha. And I say ‘i see a lot’ because I got a sample of this face wash during last Youth’09, and of course, just imagine thousands of youth receive this sample, and put a charcoal to their face lol. the effect was pretty good compared to Nivea for Men.

Posting blogpost about product does sound like I’m a blogger-promoter wannabe. No not really. Afterall, What I See Is What You Get.

One project completed yeay! but will blog about it when it’s the right time. Right now the client still want to practice their Custom CMS and there’s still bug around.

And perhaps a returning client 😀 Alhamdulillah Thank God. Have to work hard for the company!

Apr 2009

2 Responses to : Menconteng Arang Ke Muka

  1. syia says:

    cet…cet syia dh ingat maksudhnye lain dh

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    syia – hahah selalu kena tipuk!

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