Treat Yourself – Dessert’s Bar: Subang Parade

One way to keep yourself motivated is to reward yourself. Reward or treat can become in many ways, and in my way, it’s by eating hahah. Since by eating I’m getting fatter, I rather say it – Trick Myself. So here goes the food review.

Mushroom Sauteed in a Wrap

Mushroom Sauteed in a Wrap

The Dessert’s Bar in Subang Parade located at a ground floor, near with Kenny Rogers Roasters, 1901 HotDogs and also Gloria Jeans Coffee. The environment is set on the walkaway, but since it’s dessert, I felt no disturbance around. The seat is pretty comfy.

There’s this great meal from 12pm-4pm. Starting RM10.90++, you can have a meal + smoothies + Dessert Parfait. This Mushroom Sauteed priced at RM10.90.

Chicken Cabbiatta Sandwich

Smoked Chicken Cabbiatta Sandwich

I picked up Chicken Cabbiatta Sandwich altogether with Pineapple smoothies + Mango Parfait = RM12.90

Cinnamon Muesli Parfait & Mango Parfait

Cinnamon Muesli Parfait & Mango Parfait

And for surprise, this month, they’re having Buy 1 Free 1 Ice-Cream. Picked up Banana Stack ( RM7.80 ) and ask for Affogatto for free ( RM 6.80 ).


Banana Stack

This affogatto is a vanilla Ice-Cream + a shot of hot espresso. For my stupidity, I just put half of espresso, using spoon. The espresso was meant to pour all over the Vanilla Ice-Cream lol


Affogatto ( Vanilla Ice-Cream + Espresso )

Total pocket-holed = RM34++ Again I’m not getting penny for doing this review lol. Worth it? Unsure. But if you’ve come to have dessert, this month is the right time. Buy 1 free 1 is a great deal.

Here’s Dessert’s Bar official website. Go ahead treat yourself.

And speaking about ice-cream, BaskinRobbins having their promotion. Buy their ice-cream for 15++ and get the next scoop for 31cent. ( RM 0.31 ) clicky their promo here.  And if you’re BaskinRobbins die-hard-fans, follow them on twitter. They follow me in my twitter once I’ve twitted about I’m working in BaskinRobbins Jusco AU2 LOL.

Speaking of which, Subang Parade is a small place, but a nice place to relax. Next place maybe Dave’s Deli. Have to wait for next paycheck, or Dave’s Deli pay me to do a food review kthxbai!

P/S: Shame on me, I just realized if I put caption at the field supplied, it will become nice like the pics above lol.

P P/S: i receive many hit from because they hotlinking my food review about Cheng Ho Chinese Islamic Seafood Restaurant ( Amy Search ) in their latest post about Restaurant Ikan Sungai by Liyana Jasmay = Pricey. I’m also thinking to went there, but later lah. Money $_$

Apr 2009
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11 Responses to : Treat Yourself – Dessert’s Bar: Subang Parade

  1. syia says: yg nk g ni.. huhu

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    nas – mmg gooooood!

    syia – nak yang ni.. ada kat selangor kl je hahah

  3. chapan says:

    ahahah kelakar plak aku baca Restoran Ikan Sungai by Liyana Jasmay.. ekceli, restoran tu bukan die punye pon.. bapak die bukak dgn org lain.. tu saje publisiti tu.. :))

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    chapan – cambese la.. tumpang glemer bapak hahaha

  5. chapan says:

    bapak die tumpang glemer die.. hahahah..

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    chapan – nnt bapak dia dpt kawen lagi hahahahhahahahha

  7. copa says:

    uishh….rasanya lagi sedap kalau pakai camera yg betul…color kureng laa nampak cam tak sedap sangat, bagi naik saturation sikit baru menyelerakan 😛

  8. ikhwan nazri says:

    copa – ini cameraphone je :( kena tunggulah kalau2 ada orang yg leh sanggup sponsor buat review bule bli camera :p

  9. Wilson says:

    Looks good but the taste not good.

  10. ikhwan nazri says:

    wilson – well the taste is subjective anyway

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