Getting Jiggy with Wiggy

Before you Getting Jiggy with Wiggy, please play this vimeo video to get the feel

Okay that’s Will Smith, Getting Jiggy With It, but with a strange P1 object inside. Here it is, Wiggy

With Wiggy, I’ll be able to mobilize around P1 Wimax Coverage area. Thanks to dannyfoo, I’ve got the invitation to test this Wiggy for 3 months. I just wanna test it at my home, where I can’t enjoy 1MB Streamyx just because it’s kampung. Even Pizza will hardly come to our house lol.

Last tuesday i was invited to Blogger Event by P1 alongside Dannyfoo, Vernon Chan, Bytebot, James Friedbeef, Kugan, Icednyior and Juan Guess what, all of us in twitter lol :p

Here’s some pics for you to jiggy with wiggy.


As sexy as my business card lol


Size in comparison with Sheffly, my ipod shuffle


Another size comparison


How it looks like when it’s connected to usb ports

BUT!! ( a big but here )


The design isn’t friendly with my Eruda ( Last Gen MacBookPro  15″). it will block my kensington port.


And also it will block my MagSafe Connector at the other side 😐

    Here are some technical specs:

  • Standard Compliance : IEEE 802.16e 2005
  • Operating Frequency : 2.3 GHz ~ 2.4 GHz
  • Channel Bandwidth : 5MHz, 8.75 MHz, 10 MHz
  • Modulation : Scalable OFDMA, QPSK, 16QAM, 64 QAM (DL Only)
  • Interface : USB 2.0
  • Maximum Throughput : DL – 30Mbps, UL – 7Mbps
  • Output Power : Max 23 dBm, 200mW
  • Power Supply : 5V through USB Interface
  • Weight : 50g
  • Operation Temperature : 0-50 Degrees Celcius
  • Humidity : Up to 95% non-condensing

Oh just reading another tester ( qwertyjuan/icednyior ) I need to go back and change my modem. I still can’t connect, but it seems promising. Hope the speed really kicks so I can throw away Screamyx 512 at my home.

I said it again. 512kbps mean you :(

And since Wiggy not available for Mac, I’ll not posting any screenshot of the application interface yet, till I get connected.


Apr 2009
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16 Responses to : Getting Jiggy with Wiggy

  1. ecahz says:

    wah..modem wimax dah kecik eyh..

    bape rm package plan untuk modem yang kecik nie?..

  2. Anne says:

    How is the coverage area? I thought that it’s very limited (especially as compared to Maxis Broadband) Or have they gotten better lately? Tried the P1 prepaid WiFi before but the coverage was really bad. You had to be really close to the hotspots and still it was sporaidic and slow.

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    ecahz – tahla harga derang tak tetapkan lagi

    Anne – the coverage area pretty limited but I hope my house can enjoy it’s so-called blazing speed yeay! Anyway about the coverage, they say to look for the P1 Wimax Banners. If it’s being hanging up, means it’s there

  4. boris says:

    aa banner wimax ada kat depan jalan umah aku, tp bila p nk register, “ooo itu alea blom ada covelage lagi la abang”. wahh jd banner tu utk perhiasan mencantikkan tiang2 lampu di situ saja la nampak gayanya. he he heppinya saya

  5. chapan says:

    haha betul2.. saya sokong boris, saya pon nampak banner itu kat rumah die.. hahaha. kat sk pon bercambah banner dan org2 menjual.. time tanya “oo sini belum sampai lagi bang”

    abeh tu, yg kau nak jual/promote apehal kalau tade sini. promote je la tempat yg ade. bermain2 dgn perasaan betul >_<

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    boris & chapan – haha korang nye lain kes :p

  7. Rashid says:

    Memang la diorang kata diorang nyer broadband boleh surf with blazing speed, takkan la diorang nak kata broadband diorang slow kot. Kalo camtuh saper nak beli :)

  8. j_hafiz says:

    wah,kecik je mnde ni rpnye.. the best ke stakat ni d Malaysia? leh kalahkan Digi nye broadband ke? digi pon cambest gak. celcom n maxis saya pkir da tkluar dr saingan klo nk fight ngn P1 wimax. tp port dia tu cam besar ngt, da block another usb port…rugi!

  9. Fahmishah says:

    Dah cuba sila beri testimoni.

  10. ikhwan nazri says:

    Rashid – iklan sekarang kena jujur ma. kalau tak jujur lagi orang benci :p

    j_hafiz – haah masalah port tu mmg masalah besar bagi aku huhu. Neway, takle compare lagi dari segi coverage sebab P1 Wimax dia kena pasang antenna dulu baru berkembang kawasan dia. Kat penang pun ada seciput dua. Kat KL pun putus2 lagi kawasan dia. Mungkin lagi 3-4 tahun dah luas harapnya. At least sekarang ni connection 1mbps dah sampai kat rumah aku. Mintak streamyx diorang ckp kabel tak sampai >_<

    Fahmishah – tunggu selasa belum tukar modem lagi

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  12. enny says:

    kat opis saya pakai P1 beyond broadband..
    speed die not bad gak..
    my opis at butterworth.
    kiter punya bos pk nak tukar ke wiggy pas kuar tv3 ahad lalu coz sng nak usung ke mana-mana pun tp takut slow lak speed die..
    P1 yg pki skg kena connect kat sumber elektrik, fungsi mcm router or hub..

  13. ikhwan nazri says:

    enny – kalau tukar wiggy kena concern pasal coverage jelah lagi2 kat butterworth

  14. Maggie says:

    thank you for the information:)

  15. Max Wood says:

    Wimax is so great, lots of bandwidth and new services too~”:

  16. Jerry says:

    i have been using P14G for a few months…i love it. So far i have had no major issues. But i really wish that there was a broadband company that could come up with ONE package for both home and away. Basically a home modem for the house and a dongle for when you are away outside, but all for ONE price. One price for 2 devices. It would make things so convenient. I would be connected everyhere…..wondering if any broadband company is gonna come up with something like that.

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