gomene v_v

gomene = short form of gomenasai ( japanese ) means I’m sorry v_v. Today is 3 April

Sorry for not updating this blog.

Quite a busy week. Monday I went to cyberjaya to met three clients. Confirmed projects. One already gave the cheques and another one is a general meeting to hear their requirements for their new websites. Another one still didn’t gave deposits. You can’t start projects with deposits. Even if it’s from a friend, the company priority first. Why?

Because in my company, all of the members of the company is my friend. And without securing payment for them, is the biggest mistake to do as a friend for them, is not giving money of course. I myself can’t allow that. So to you readers, who consider me as your friend, hope understand this.

If we were friends, you would understand it very clearly :) You wouldn’t hurt your friend right?

It’s nothing personal. It’s just business :p

Sleepover at MMU and Tuesday I’ve went to medical checkup at Sunway Hospital. I’m a Part-Time lecturer at Sunway University teaching Flash. And the perks of teaching in a private institution that has a private hospital is a free medical checkup yeay! Finish around 1PM and heading to CapSquare KL attending Pecha Kucha that night. Since the parking quite ridiculos, RM2 per hour, decided to park at the old building next to it for RM5 per entry.

And so i’ve mobilizing my office at CapSquare KL, from 2-6 and at 5PM Emi and Efozy came there. Efozy was presenting during Pecha Kucha that night. I’m a little bit worried because this Pecha Kucha thingy was held at Bar. I didn’t dare to have a drinks there so lucky I bring my Ruby. Met many barcampers there.

I wonder why these all creative things being held at these kind of places v_v

Met Ajmal Eylia for the first time there. Might be my next co-working partner hoho.

Co-working = is the situation you work in pair or more. Like Akatsuki, in pairs. He’s also might be going mobile-office after this hahah.

So on Wednesday, spend my morning watching The Celebrity Apprentice S2. Pretty interesting this time because the lady kickass! The male team just losing it all over again. After having my lunch, went to National Art Gallery to visit KL Design Week exhibitions and also, mark my existence in Connecting the Dots by If Interactive. Pretty cool stuff.

Then, I’ve went to Kinokuniya Coffee Express to generate ideas for my talk in this weekend BarCamp KL 4-5 April 2009. I’m giving a talk about Mobile Office and do catch me there, not because of m, but because of the talks being held there. There will be 7 room filled up with speakers with interesting talks. Vote by your feet, if you dislike one room, there sill 6 room to choose for the talk :) Register yourself here

And thursday, is my class and sleepover at MMU until today, at the time I’m clicking Publish button on this post.

If you having a boring weekend in case you’re singles, or seeking for some fun, then this is the fun with a plus, a knowledge. Come to BarCamp KL. Slap me if you felt unsatisfied with it. Terms n Conditions apply :p

Apr 2009

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