KL Design Week 09

My daily routine ends around 12 midnight, away from Eruda and close to Piper, playing and P4WN-ing players in MGS:Portable Ops.


Of course I’m [LYN-MY]ZABUZA, and not tommythecat, although I did love cats

What does that screenshot have to do with KL Design Week anyway??

So I was playing MGSPO online, and turning on the TV, and my mom switched on Astro Awani and lookie-lookie, a talk about KL Design Week. And MuidLatif is inside woooooot!


the talkshow. I wonder why they did a talk pretty late.. or was it a delayed-show?


Mr Hasnul Hadi from MDeC


Muid Latif – You can see his caption anyway – Digital Artist of Digital Malaya

With the appearance of talk inside Astro Awani, I hope it will help the emergence and also open the public eye to the creative content sector. One keypoint inside this talk is to gather all creative resources available. From MDeC side, they provide resources to kickstart with. IPCC was created to kickstart Creative Content in Digital Comic, Games, Mobile Content and also Animation. So artist who might want to jumpstart can go to IPCC competition for money. Muid also explains that in malaysia there’s many local talents who also works for big industries such as Marvel and also stated that this KL Design Week will gather different people from different stream.

The fact I can’t recall much from the talk might be because I’m concentrating to my game. LOL. Anyway, clicky here to know more about KL Design Week 09.

Mar 2009

2 Responses to : KL Design Week 09

  1. muidlatif says:

    Salam Ikhwan, thanks for the information. Memang betul it’s a delayed broadcast, but the version yang bro ambil tu ada caption dalam bahasa melayu. Very good sbb dia ada highlight important point of discussion.

    KLDW @ Focus Economy: http://vimeo.com/3760232

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    muidlatif – wslm wrt.. thx for the vimeo! 😀

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