multiple photo for my lack of updates

well nowamunkie, I must said i steal your line for this update :p

So some pictures i’ve snapped after my last update, 15 march.


Bug at E-Ryza Kiosk at SACC Mall Shah Alam, but my fault for become an unwanted system tester. Actually I spotted one and just want to play around with it. more after this


Have you ever heard of Malay proverb ” diberi betis, nak peha “? Currently my little sister was eating Noodle Station’s Chicken Wing and she glance at my Mushroom + Egg Mee.


This is holy hilarious. Pakaian Saling Erti == “Clothes that understood each other” = and this is the statement that, by phonetical pronounciation, Malay Language wins! I donno, my english sucks big time!

Heck, I still talk like I’m a pro but really not.

So to recap, this whole week has been a travelling week. On tuesday, me and sabau met our clients at Bangi. Remembered that our clients just said that it was so easy to use our custom CMS ( content management system ) rather than their previous Joomla CMS. Well that’s why we develop custom CMS, it’s just for that clients, build to their own specifics and requirement. With drag & drop the thumbnails, info-checker and sidebar, I can’t wait for the next deliverables + end of submission this month as I’m sure Mr CTO will further amaze the clients.

And yesterday(wednesday) just bring Faiz all the way from Gurun,Kedah to meet the clients. Sometimes, a critical decision have to be made and I decided to pull Faiz along coming down here. The differences between doing Graphic Design/Branding and Web/Flash Interactive are the specification. If you’re doing something Web/Flash/Function-thingy, all we need to have is the functional requirement. Where design is something else.

Because in Design, we have Feel & Emotion. Technical is pretty straightforward thingy, but not design.

Unless if you apply Bauhaus, Form Follow Function, then your design does not have to follow what your heart says. You just need to design something that is functional. Nonetheless, I’m not saying this is problematic, but rather, a chance for us to improve and really thanks to our client, it turns to become an excellent one.

oh before I forget, TGV Mobile made it’s way to Mobile World Magazine, and clicky here for the magazine screenshot + review.

And so the demand keep increasing, Alhamdulillah ^_^

Mar 2009

2 Responses to : multiple photo for my lack of updates

  1. ecahz says:

    wah pakaian saling erti??.kat mane?

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    ecahz = kat setiawangsa ahaha

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