The new iPod Shuffle

So small, can talk, and big in size, have playlist, my this year wishlist haha. I have many playlist. Kammuru ( God speed ) is when I’m working. High Speed Driving Action is when I need ultra-fast drum & bass beat. Soothing for sleeping. But my current Sheffly ( shuffle 2nd gen ) doesn’t have playlist function.

End of this year I might get it. Or during my birthday, if you’re generous. yeah you. Don’t worry, I’ll gave my Sheffly to my little sister.

I remember why people ask why I’m promoting Apple. Nothing else, it’s just works :) [ i mean its working lah not it’s my work to promote them ]

Mar 2009

6 Responses to : The new iPod Shuffle

  1. ikhwan nazri says:

    fahmishah – nnt bila dah kuar ipod shffle 4th gen.. aku kasik ko yg ni :p

  2. Fahmishah says:

    aku tunggu kau tunaikan kata-kata mu.

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    fahmishah – harap2 takde shuffle 4th gen :p

  4. twenty-six says:

    it looks like ipod, it may sounds like ipod.eheh why so small laah…lama tak layan kroni flavert ni..PSP punya projek apa cerita skang?

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    twenty-six = looks and sounds like ipod because it’s still ipod lol. PSP tinggal nak wat utk malay language .. tp tak terbuat2 huhu

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